Monday, September 22, 2008

The Motherload of all updates!

Each of these events is probably a post in their own right, but in an effort to "catch-up" , here goes.....(come back often, if needed, to actually finish the post!).

Here's a picture of our favorite Honorary Triplet, Van. We had a play date a while back. He's now recovering from his cleft-palate surgery. Can't wait until he's ready to play again!

The whole gang at the playdate: Tracey and Van of and Cheryl and her precious two from and the friend that introduced all, the ever-blogless Gena and her two - we all took on a fantastic day at Pretendland!

Givin' Van some twin-lovin!

This just makes me SO happy! When ever we go somewhere, the twins chat, sing songs, look out the window - and often shout "Hold hands!"

More pictures of our second day of Preschool:

Logan heading off proudly, chin up and looking very dapper!

Austin strollin' with an over-the-shoulder jacket strut!

They're not big eaters first thing in the morning, so we sneak in a quick snack in the car to hold them over. Because they are big eaters around 10:00 AM!

Grandma and Grandpa Taylor came all the way from Maine to visit!! Austin and Logan took zero seconds flat to jump all over them!

Logan between his two Grandma's!

Come back soon, Grandma and Grnadpa! We love you and hope to make it up north this year!
Doggie Double

One is real, our beloved ever-on-a-diet, Chubby (a Chow-Spitz-Lab mix) and Austin's $1 doggie purchased a while back from our church yardsale. Stand-in doggie is indispensable! Whenever the stuntmen want to go horseback riding or whatever on Chubby, we say, "Ah-ah-ah, not on Chubby. Go jump on the 'other' doggie!" and it works like a charm!
Best Friends

These are major key players in our lives! They are my best friend's children: Grace, Jacob and Eli. (My BFF) Anne and I live within 5 miles of each other, work together, go to church together, and talk on the phone about 5-8 times a day. We do not however, ever take pictures together!! I believe this is the children's blog debut! (Note to self: work on that!)
Family portrait

I'm the one second from the right. lol Obviously by our dressing standards, this was an impromptu picture. (Note to self: schedule family portrait at professional photographers!)
Real haircuts!

Daddy took the boys along with him on his last hair cut. Logan sat in his lap and soon after this picture was doing just fine having his hair tickled!
Big Boy Austin (you may remember from the BuzzFest video was wailing his head off during his first family-provided buzz) sat ten feet away from Daddy and in his own chair! No tears!

Note to hubby: Thanks for taking the camera along and providing Mommy with some shots of this special occasion!

My cousin got married a few weekends ago.

My brother, Brian entertaining Austin in the pew pre-wedding.

Great shot: The new bride and groom sending some lovin' to their one year old daughter! (photographer: Nonnie)

Me and the boys. I know we're not all looking and smiling, but we have so few pictures of the three of us together I wanted to post it anyway!

Nonnie and .... yeah, even I can't tell this one! Logan, I think? lol

Nonnie looked so pretty that day. But looking through photos, this is all I had. (note to self: take more posed pictures!)
Trying to tell me something?

Austin all snuggly....
Logan seems to be saying, "Can't I have some peace and quiet?"

After all, this is our new living domain now:

Austin and Logan dragged their pillows and blankets into the bathroom. ??? Mayhaps because we spend so much time in there these days, they thought they'ld move on in? hahaha


Tina said...

Love all the pictures. I'm in post overload! The bots are getting so big and are too cute.

Bobbi said...

Only two tries to get through the post!! I love all the pics and stories. It is nice to see the ones with YOU in them. You all looked so nice for the wedding.

My BFF and I only live 1/4 mile from each other and live on the phone together. We have only like two pics of the two of us together. One of which was when I was 8 months pregnant.....'nuf said on that one!

How is the potty training going? We have nothing here. But, he is young yet.

Yeah to the boys and haircuts. Reese was awful at his last one.....but had always been fine. Go figure. YEAH to Daddy for taking the camera. He is getting well trained.

There is no HOPING to get North. It is happening!! Beth just asked me about it the other day.

OK, comment overload:>) Loving pics of those handsome boys!!

Heidi said...

You've been busy! Love the boys' halloween pajamas. They are so adorable. Chubby is too!

Steph said...

Oh, I love all of the pics! I especially love the ALL family pic! Impromptu are the best!

The bathroom pics are hilarious!! And, the handholding?!?! AWWWW!!!!

Let us know when you head north, too. Perhaps we can "plan" to cross paths! ;)

Kelly said...

I love Chubby!

The pic with them holding hands is precious.

I love the family portrait and the one of all 3 of you...very cute!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

I can't possibly comment on everything but the boys holding hands are so stinking sweet I can barely stand it.

I love the family portrait! and the pic of you and the boys at your cousins wedding - you look so pretty and the boys looks so cute!

I love the boys with their preschool clothes on! and Austin with the coat over the shoulder too die for!

I can't wait until we can see you in person : )

Carrie said...

I love it! I do that sometimes. Just give a big update. I think I am going to have to do that soon. I have barely a second on the computer with my non-napping girl.

Austin and Logan are just so adorable and handsome.

Looks like you had loads of fun at your playdate. Lots of cuties in one place.

Christine said...

Awww, your boys are so cute. What an awesome playdate.

Our Family of 5 said...

Ok, I am loving this updated post. The boys are as handsome as ever with their new do's. Thanks to hubby for taking the camera so we could all share with you. Loving the sleeping in the bathroom picture. But then again by the size of the bathroom maybe I wanna come live there too =)
It's great to see pictures of you and Nonnie too. Great update. Can't wait til the next one =)

Hannah said...

That is a cuteness overload!! The boys are so cute...I love the PJ's and the pre-school shots!! My favorite it the holding hands...that is too much!

So sad we won't get to meet you guys at Guatoberfest this year :( Maybe next!!

Cheryl Lage said...

LOVE it! Feel like I know what all you guys have been up to since the uber-playgroup at Pretendland!

Can I just tell you that holding hands picture makes me weep?!?! How can you see through the tears to drive? ;)

Precious, precious, precious!

(Once Van is all recuperated let's try a reconvening!)

Tracey said...

Okay that was totally worth the wait for all those great shots and catching up. Van loves seeing himself on the screen and cross blog love is always the best!
Can't wait to play soon...we are better by the hour..yippee

* TONYA * said...

WOW, so many wonderful photos.

I had no idea you know Cheryl, I'm so jealous.

How fabulous to have a bff who you do everything with. Again, I'm jealous.

The boys haircuts are just gorgeous and I love the 'faux' dog. Too cute.