Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Yea! The Orange file is FLYIN’

It’s workin’!! My guy was going to try and talk to the reviewer on Monday to see if my file was going to get approved or not. On Tuesday, he found out that the reviewer had already finished with my file, but he didn’t know if it had been approved or denied! What!?! Egads!

Another 24 hours glued to the computer….And then yippee! I got the phone call today. Stage I completed – my file was reviewed and is on to the next desk before my little guy could even catch up with it! Go Orange GO!!

So, now we wait and see how fast my file comes out of Stage II. Next update, hopefully, by Friday.

And we’re still praying that the US Embassy starts handing out Visas so that when we get to that step, they are waiting to fly us out the door, too.


Lou said...

How are you getting so much info from Guatemala? Did u hire AS? I just found your blog on the forum, and I am trying to catch up!


Donnica said...

Well said.