Saturday, April 21, 2007

Yardsale Day!

A success!! We started early, very early - abut 4:30am. ;-) Gary and I started moving stuff out into the yard. Then, we woke Mason, Evan and Chris up around 6:15am and they finished helping us set up.

Gary, Mason and Evan all had to work today. So, Chris (Evan's best friend and our 3rd honorary son), Mom and Anne stuck out the day with me. THANK YOU, you guys are all awesome!!
So, here are a few pics from the day....
(below) The TEAM: Chris, Mom and Anne...What hard wrokers they all were!!

Forgot to mention,baby Eli put in a full day's work, too!

Net Profit: $730.67!! Whooppee!! First month fostering almost paid for! How exciting!

We have lots of stuff left and are still accepting donations - we will either have a yardsale again this coming weekend or later in the season when our neighborhood has a "block" yardsale.
Thanks again to our team of volunteers! And to ALL our friends and family who helped out!
God Bless!