Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Results are IN....

We got the e-mail at about 8:00pm tonight....we have moved right along and are being told that this current step should take 2-3 more days and then we're on to Mr. Barrios desk! Yippee!!

And I think one week on Mr. Barrios desk should be enough to get the job done! And then we're are OUT of PGN!!

Today brought lots more activity with the US Embassy. So, hopefully, all those folks who have been stuck waiting there since mid Feb will all be gone (as they deserve to be) and outta my way so that once we're out of PGN, the US will grant us Visas within two weeks (like they used to)!!

We also contacted our Guatemalan lawyer today and asked for official permission to foster the boys. She wrote back, but I'm waiting for my translator to tell me what she my limited Spanish, it seems that she is agreeable!

After I finish dancing around the house, I'm going to bed with visions of my babies in my arms forever May 10th and in our home by May 30th!!


Lou said...

That sounds like a plan! A friend of mine's case worker told her yesterday that the embassy is back to appts 2 weeks after submission and is moving back towards 1 week! That would be fantastic. I am hoping to be home by mid-late June. I am praying that we are OUT before I even get there and that we are home within a few weeks! Things are moving along! Thank you GOD!