Friday, April 20, 2007

Some Good News...

The US Embassy finally admitted that there was/had been an official hold-up on anyone's case who had the misfortune of being associated with the arrested facilitator. We believe this is the reason our Pre-Approval took so long and we were worried that this would affect us again when it came time for our visa appointment.

However, the word on the street is that the US Embassy is finishing up their investiagtions and we should start to see movement again! Yippee!!

Everything is going according to plan....File flies through PGN and when we get out, the backlog at the US Embassy is cleared up and we get a speedy Visa appointment!!

So, timeline? We should hear something again by next Thursday (or my gut is telling me sooner) in regards to our specific case. And we're hoping to be out of PGN the first week of May.

Then, the attorney needs to get a new birth certificate for the boys from their hometown - could take a few days or a week. After that, our case will be submitted to the US Embassy for our Visa appointment. Once we get their Visas, we get to bring our babies home!!

Gary and I still have plans to travel May 9th and again I am planning on just staying down there until we can all come home together. And I'ld really like to be back in time for Mason's graduation (June 12th)!

Thanks for the continued prayers and good thoughts. Hope to see everyone tomorrow at our GIGANTIC yardsale! ;-)