Friday, July 28, 2006

Paper Chase Continues

Such a busy, busy week! With the pictures and the interview and we also got to assemble a care package and send it to the boys. Each child could receive whatever we could squeeze into a 1 gallon size zip loc bag. We were able to send a few outfits, a toy for each of them, a letter to the foster mother and a self-addressed envelope in the hopes she will write back. We also sent the foster mother a St. Christopher’s medal necklace in honor of Austin and Logan.

Gary and I also had to deal with quite a paper chase this week. We sent in a form (I600A, Petition to Adopt an Orphan) back in early June and should have heard back within 2-4 weeks. We were nervous because our check had not been cashed in 7 weeks and that, to us, meant our paperwork might have been lost. As you can imagine, it’s very difficult to get a live person on the phone or to get any specific information about your case on the phone. At my wits end, I was in tears. Luckily, I married a Knight in Shining Armor. Gary took a day off from work and drove to Norfolk to see if he could reach a resolution. I thought it was a futile effort. But Gary’s slow perseverance and patience paid off. He refiled our paperwork that day – nothing short of a miracle AND he secured us a fingerprinting appointment for 2 two days later! My hero!!

So, all that’s behind us and we’re pluggin’ on, each day bringing us closer to meeting our little angels. We are now waiting on new pictures and video to arrive sometime around Aug 17th. We’ll try and get them posted before our cruise which we leave for Aug 19th! We are also still waiting on DNA testing which once completed will allow Gary and I finally travel to Guatemala for an extended visit. Yippee!