Saturday, August 5, 2006

Creating the Nursery

Mom and I made the curtains for the baby room today. ;-) Yippee! I love my colors (blue and green). They’re very tranquil and spa-like. I attempted to start the bumpers, but I swear I just can’t follow instructions. Sewing from my own head and designs is SO much easier than following a pattern – that’s Mom’s department. However, to our (Austin, Logan and my) benefit, Mom does make everything perfect.

Our theme is going to be Rain Forest. Not jungle, but rain forest. The Rain Forest has monkeys, lizards, salamanders and wild, colorful birds. Oh and frogs – tree frogs! I am currently looking for a mobile that will compliment the room and/or theme.

Gary and I might go register sometime soon. I think we’re both ready, it’s just a matter of finding the time now.

On another note, Austin and Logan should be receiving their care packages sometime this week. We’re anxiously awaiting their new pictures and hopefully a note back from the foster mother!