Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More pictures arrive! Check out them out in the Photo Album section. We are so impressed with how well both boys seem to be doing. They look wonderful – well fed and well taken care of. Not to mention, we think they are incredibly handsome and adorable!

Here we are at a little over 3 months old! We've grown up a little - Austin weighs 12 pounds and Logan is at 11 pounds.
We are wearing outfits that Mom and Dad picked out for us. Perfect fit!

All of our new clothes and new blankets smell just like our new home because Mom and Dad bought them a while back and have been sleeping with them ever since. This will really help us when we get to meet them for the first time in person!

Have you figured out who's who yet?
Logan is on the left and Austin, making his favorite facial expression is on the right.

And here we are at a distance! Next time Mommy is just sending us onesies -
that way everyone can see our toesies!

Lots going on all around us!

BIG stretch!!

Logan gives us a smile!!

And Austin gives us another one of his infamous Popeye looks!!

A litte smile from Austin!

United we stand!

Bye-Bye!! See ya next time!!