Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Road Trip!

 We went to COLLEGE!
Nonnie and I took the boys to Radford University to see 
Evan play in an Ultimate Frisbee tournament.

 Austin traveling in style!

 Logan chillaxin'!

5 minutes into the trip, Logan began his "How much longer, Mommy?"
And he pretty much kept it up the whole 3.5 hours!

Everytime we stopped to pee or eat, 
Austin and Logan introduced themselves (to anyone within ear shot)
and told EVERYONE they were on vacation and were going to COLLEGE!  
 Luckily Evan and Amanda met us at the hotel -
so that the boys could JUMP right into the POOL!


Then, we headed to the park for more playtime, dinner out and then back to the pool!
The next morning, Austin woke up, sat up in bed and said, "Pool, Momma?"
So, one more quick dip and then we headed off to campus!
 Austin, Amanda, Logan and Evan
 Nonnie and Evan!
 Me, Evan and Logan

Me and Austin!

The boys loved cheering for Evan!
It was the first time I had watched an Ultimate Frisbee game 
and it was pretty darn entertaining!
Our visit was over WAY too soon,
but we had SOOOO much fun!

On the way back, Nonnie and I started planning a FALL trip! 


Tracey said...

Can't even begin to imagine the future road trips these boys will be takin'! What a great trip. They are just too too funny! Zak was beside himself explaining his day to Daddy tonight especially the BLUE MITTEN! Too cute...what a sweetie.

Bobbi said...

What a great trip!!! Looks like a blast for all..........excepts the drive!!!

Again, that is one rocking brother!

Hannah said...

Awesome! I love the feet in the pool. That is SWEET :)

Helene said...

Proof that road trips can be fun!!! I'll just keep trying to convince myself of that as I'm coming down with a horrible case of panic and anxiety just thinking about the 6-hour road trip we're about to endure to Disneyland next week.

Dena said...

they have the greatest big brother!! what a fun trip!!