Friday, March 25, 2011


Austin and Logan have been moaning for weeks about
some PowerRanger SpinSword they want.
It just so happens to cost $15!
Which is about $14 over our 
"We'll buy it for you just because" budget 
we may occasionally spend on the boys.
It's even about $6 over Nonnie's 
"I'll buy it for you cuz I love you" splurge purchases.

So, after exhausting the list of household chores:
dishes, extra cleaning
 and some yardwork:
picking up acorns, bagging leaves
And one entire day spent "being good boys for Nonnie."

They've got about $5.00 each.

Yet - they have not forgotten how badly they want that SpinSword.

After being told, once again, that
they don't have enough money to buy it yet,
They came up with a solution:
"Mommy, can we PLEEZE sell Lemon-lade? Puh-LEEZE?"

Great concept, boys!
But they picked a cold, windy day
at about 3:00pm -
So, not a lot of traffic.

Between Mommy and their best friend neighbor, Sarah -
they each earned another $1!

A++ for effort!
And with their drive and determination,
I have a feeling that SpinSword will be making a presence in my house real soon!

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Guatmama said...

That is AWESOME. I love it!@

Anne said...

So cute! Love the video.

Tracey said...

too funny...true salesman for sure. Love the price differences and their cash registers. Big question...did they get the spin swords???

Bobbi said...

OK, praises to you and Nonnie for making them work for it!!!

I thoght for sure they were going down over the stairs head first (these boys have given me more gray hairs than my three kids!!) But, I loved their team work getting it down. But, watching them pour the lemonade was too funny!!
No worries, they won't lose their profit----that was on you!!! :)

Greta Jo said...

Too Cute. I will be in Reston this weekend for a wedding shower and to see my brothers new home. How far are you from Reston?

Hannah said...

They are the COOLEST kids ever! Yay for you making them earn the money. You are the best mom!