Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where's Evan?

Big brother, Evan went back to college about a week ago. 
And at least twice a day, I hear, "Where's Evan?"

Evan is an awesome big brother.  He plays with the twins to no end. 
And when he does come home, they don't him a moment's rest. 

Evan keeps to a pretty tight, "No brothers in my bedroom!" rule,
but his last morning home,
Austin and Logan worked the charm and
the puppy dogs eyes to earn a spot beside him.
They're pretty smart boys, they got him at his weakest!
(half asleep)

At one point over his extended break,
Evan mentioned how much quieter the dorm was to our house.

We miss you, baby!
Super proud of you...
(Mom and Dad's bragging rights: 
Evan did so well on his first semester,
he was invited to join the Honor's Academy! 
Which comes with all sorts of perks like cool, smaller clasees, wireless classes, field trips, first choice of classes and a special (air conditioned) dorm!)

Now, how about you and Amanda
go start that blog of yours so that your
brothers can see what you're up to?!


Deb said...

Great big brother....YAY Evan!

Bobbi said...

Way to go, Evan!!! You have a right to brag!! I bet the boys do miss him.

Tracey said...

Even Van misses Evan...he wants to send him a Valentine! Brothers rock!!

Hannah said...

Way to go!! He sounds like such a great brother. Dmitry has a no Sophia rule about his bedroom, she just ignores it :)