Monday, January 31, 2011

Daddy Day!

Last Wednesday, it was Daddy Day at preschool!
Both boys took much delgiht and glee sneaking around the house
(peering around corners for Daddy)
and filling me in on all of the special activiteis they had planned for the moening:
doughnuts, juice, a special song!

Austin - ever concerned about fashion,
declared he was DRESSING uP that day for his DADDY!
and Logan easily followed suit:
(Logan, left.  Austin, right)
 Aren't they the most handsomest things you've ever seen?

The boys with "their" girlfriend: 

(Logan, left.  Austin, right)
We didn't even plan that amazing coordination between our ties and her dress!
Meant to be!
(Austin, left.  Logan, right.)

Austin and his"construction" for Daddy.

Logan and his creation.

Singing their song for their Daddy!

(Can't wait, Mommy and Nonnie get to go to Mommy's Day on Feb 14th!)


Tracey said...

That is freakin' ADORABLE!! Our preschool needs to copy that idea. LOVE the outfits and Anna is just too cute right in there with her boys!!

Anne said...

So, so cute! I love that they dressed up like that for daddy :)

Hannah said...

They are SO cute!!! Seriously, should you be offended a bit that they dress up for daddy but don't like to wear pants for you? :)

Love them :)

Helene said...

Oh. Mah. God. Look at your little men in their suits...tooooooo cute for words!!! I love that they share a girlfriend. At least they SHARE her. Garrett and Landon love the same girl (she's 12 years old though, they like 'em older) and they constantly fight over who's going to marry her. I think the girl assumes she has a say in the matter but she really doesn't.

Daddy Day looks like it was a blast!

Bobbi said...

Could they have looked any more handsome!??!! I love their suits. Where's the picture with Daddy??!