Friday, January 14, 2011


This week's FFF (newly hosted by Nora) theme is Hibernation. 

And while we have now missed The Big Storm (twice!),
I'll try not to pout too long
(big SNOW lover here),
but since we haven't had to do too much hibernating,
I grabbed the camera a few minutes ago to go see what I could get.

The boys are veggin' out to morning TV
snuggled under MY new-softest-blanket-ever-Christmas present from Evan.

The next pic is the result of me saying, "Boys - look snuggily."

Two seconds later, they were out from under the softest blanket ever
and doing gymnastics in the lviing room!

Happy Friday, everyone! 


Anne said...

So cute! I just love some brotherly love. Have a good weekend.

Kim & Dave said...

Gymnastics in the living room? Sounds suspiciously like our house!

Kjbikakis said...

Man you guys have missed the big snow twice!? That stinks! D:
Nebraska got hit pretty hard, resulting in us getting two snow days :P
But the teachers are sadly making up for DX Homework piled up the ying yang! lol
The boys are looking as cute as ever!! (:
Happy Firday~~

nora said...

Look at those cute snuggle bugs! I could send you some snow! My goodness, we have more this year than we have had in the past 10 years in MN.

Enjoy your weekend!

Laurie said...

They are tooo stinkin' cute......and still! :)

Bobbi said...

You would have been so happy here this past week!! But, I want that blanket.......

Melinda said...

Those two look so snuggly. Wish I could squeeze right in between them! I laughed when I read they were on the floor doing gymnastics seconds later. Sounds just like my girls!

Hannah said...

Seriously, I could just snuggle with them all day!! They are THE cutest thing ever!

Helene said...

Hey, I want that blanket!!! It looks so warm and cozy!!! My kids can only sit still long enough for a picture, as well, and then they're off bouncing around the place with endless energy. If only we could transfer some of that energy to ourselves...