Friday, January 28, 2011

Logan - 2, Mommy - 0

I was raised with boys.
I grew up between my two brothers.
Seems to me we just always wrestled.
I wrestled with Evan, too.
Mason, not so much.
He was always bigger than me!

So, I wrestle with my boys now.
I throw them around a lot.
and tickle them to pieces.
And it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.
Like me.  

Two years ago, almost to the day,
I posted about my black eye compliments of
 a head butt from Logan.  

This time around,
 it was 
a broken nose.
Yes, I'm serious.

It went down like this.
I was on my knees,
at their level.
Grabbing 'em and throwing them down for tickles.
I went to grab Logan
from behind
And as I wrapped my arms around him
he pulled one heckuva karate chop
and then head butted me into the next state.
Pain was instant.
I screamed and went down.
At which point, Austin saw Mommy's was down
and jumped on my shoulders
(declaring victory, I think!)
It took an hour (okay, maybe all of 3 seconds)
for Daddy and the boys to realize Mommy was hurt.
Really hurt.
Ice was brought.
Apologies were made.
Reassurances were given.
Boys went to bed.
Mommy went to Urgent Care.

I came back with an x-ray documenting the break.
Some pain killers for the night.
And a referral for a nose doctor.

Saturday both boys "cuddled" me into feeling better.
 Thankfully, I never got black and blue around the eyes. 
It was not an upwards hit (which I think would have made me all black and blue)
It was more of a side ways hit.
I got hit on the right and the nose went left.

See it?
It wasn't "that" bad, but with the way it could have healed and the nose being
kinda an important thing, I was really urged to fixed it.
So, off to surgery I went for them to "scooch" it back over.

Nonnie, Gary and the twins have been wonderful in aiding in my recovery.
Both boys have a hard time being away from me.
And both boys are extremely wild and active.
You should see how gentle and soft they are being with me.
Holding my hand.  Helping me walk.
Bringing me pillows.
Too sweet!
I may have to "fake" a few more injuries!

(Side note:  Logan felt really, really horrible about the accident.  Especially after my surgery, he kept saying, "Mommy, I'm soooo sorry I broke your nose."  Austin's not helping much because he gets telling Logan and everyone else "YOU did this to her!"  I keep telling Logan it was an accident and he aplogized and that was all he could do, he doesn't need to feel bad about it and that Mommy's going to be just fine. 
We also have added a major "No throwing rule in the house."  And both boys have asked if I'm ever gonna tickle them again.  And in short, "Yes dear, I will, but with a really long pole or something from now on.  K?")


Anne said...

Ouch! Hope your recovery isn't too painful, but you should be able to milk it for a few extra days :)

Have a great weekend...

Samantha and Woody said...

Is it bad that I'm laughing? It's bad, isn't it. I'm going to get mine in a few years.
Seriously, I hope it (and you) feels better soon.

Our Family of 5 said...

Ouch!! Hope you feel better you sexy momma!!

Bobbi said...

You are pretty hot with that cast!!! Joe says everyone is going to think you got a nose job!!! BWAHAHHAHA!!!

Hope you feel better, but you totally got cheated on the no black eyes. It's a real treat!!!

Guatmama said...

Ouchie! Poor mama -here's to a healed sniffer and snoorer!

Melinda said...

Wow! That had to hurt! Its amazing what a mean punch these kids can throw when not even intending to! Hope you recover quickly so you can get back to playing with those cutie pie boys of yours!

And thanks for being such a devoted follower of my blog. Makes my heart smile :-)

Tracey said...

Ok that is the cutest little cast ever!! Hope the healing continues and the boys pamper their mommy ALOT!!
My boys can't wait to see you again...they are very concerned.

ManyBlessings said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Ack!!!!!

Hannah said...

Oh no! When I first saw the picture, I just thought you had a pore strip on your nose :)

My brother broke my mom's nose when he was about three....he is 41 and she is still milking it for all it's worth. :)