Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa Past and Present!

 Christmas 2007!
Not exactly "Santa-fans!"
(Logan, left.  Austin, right.)

  Christmas 2008
Lots of dry-runs with Santa.
They loved him.
'Cept come picture day, this picture captures the exact moment of,
"Nobody said nufin 'bout no STINKIN PUPPETS!!"
(Logan, left. Austin, right.)

Christmas 2009
They loved Santa even more and the puppet-phobia is a thing of the past!
(Logan, left. Austin, right.)

We were having somuch, we took a "bonus" picture for 2009!
One of my all time favorites!
(Logan, left. Austin, right.)

Christmas 2010!
LOVE it!
Love them!
(Austin, left.  Logan, right.)


Steph said...

Their smiles get bigger and bigger each year so you're going in the right direction! So cute.

Helene said...

OMG, I totally LOVE that one picture you captured of the boys' faces as they approached Santa!!!!!! I can see why it's one of your favorites!

And, really, Donna...the coordinating outfits every single year?? I can't even get my kids to wear the same freakin color for God's sake!!! So come on, tell me what you're promising them to get them to at least coordinate!

Tracey said...'ve already done Santa....we are so behind. Tree, Santa, and I am guessing you are already done shopping? Seriously girlfriend! Love the trip through the Santa years...this year is awesome! Where did you go??

Bobbi said...

OK, bad mom here. No pics of Santa for Reese. Need to get on it.

How they have grown!! Love them!! Glad hey are loving Santa this year. Gorgeous photos

Steph said...

CUTE!!! I love these past and present pics. And, I especially love that Santa looks timeless! :) Enjoy the holiday. I bet it will be especially fun this year.

Hannah said...

They are so cute. I gotta say, I love that first one. That is just awesome!!