Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

My mom and her mom made three of these advents calendars for
my brothers and I to help countdown the
INCREDIBLY long days leading up to Christmas!
Me and my brother Mitch, hanging the LAST ornament on the tree. 
Woot-woot - must be Christmas Eve (circa 1974?).
Notice my little brother, Brian in the picture frame!

 I have always LOVED these calendars!!
They totally represent Christmas for ME.
Even as a child, I was amazed at the details and the wide variety of tiny treasures!

I thought about bringing them out last year.
(Yes, we've kept them ALL these years!)
But, I was really nervous that Austin and Logan would loose a lot of the ornaments!
However, this year, as my two are fully embracing EVERYTHING Christmas
and asking daily/hourly/every SECOND if TODAY is Christmas...
they are just PERFECT!
(Logan, left.  Austin, right.)


Bobbi said...

I have one that my children use that my mother made me. It's wonderful to pass down the traditions.

Hannah said...

Your mom MADE that?? That is SO cool! I love the detail. I realize my mom sucks.

(just mom is awesome, except I am going to let her have it for not loving me enough to make me one of these. )

Helene said...

Wow, your mom was pretty talented! I'd have to BUY something like that...there's no way I could make it myself.

You are so much more trusting than I am. I know my kids would either lose the ornaments or want to play with it all day long, using all the decorations, which kinda defeats the whole purpose!