Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dad's party!

Every year, Dad closes down the restaurant early so that everyone can spend some time celebrating together.  Gary's staff has been around for a long, long time - so it's more like an extended family party! 

Austin wanted to dress up for the big event.
He chose his outfit (on the left) to look like Daddy
And of course, Logan followed suit!

 Don't they look so handsome!?

Logan helping Daddy prepare one of three "Balloon drops"

The kids getting their instructions about the balloon drop
and being told about all the cool prizes and money inside!

They were sooooooooo excitted!

These girls (sisters) kept up with the boys for HOURS!! 

Silly face shot!


Tracey said...

I LOVE how the ties get looser as the night goes on and then they come off...look out ladies...these boys are HOT!!

Hannah said...

They look so cute all dressed up! What a fun party. The balloon drop sounds so fun :)