Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Diving Board!

Today began Day One of "Donna's Bootcamp for Wild and Wayward Crazy Boys"
 - things went better all around. 
But in short, the last two weeks have been exhausting and have left no time for blogging!
Soooooo much to catch up, but for now we'll start with this!

We joined our 'ole pal and former neighbor Ryan at the swimming pool for some diving board fun!
We've done this in the past, last summer and maybe the summer before?
But I've always been IN the water catching them!
This year I was finally able to capture it on video.

Austin is in the red bottoms and Logan is in the black ones. 

Notice how they got progressively more aggressive - running, bouning and "flying!"

Shawn (Ryan's brother) - we can't wait to go back with YOU!

I'm off to wrestle some little cavemen!


Hannah said...

I'm so bummed! I can't get the video to play :(

You know how I always say I wonder how you do it with TWO monkey children?? I found out this week. I have Sophia and Cameron...Ok, Cam is not FULL on Monkey but still. You deserve a medal my friend :)

Bobbi said...

Again, they amaze me, scare me, and make me smile!!

Let me know how the bootccamp goes!!! Mine are winning here too

Tracey said...

Wow...that's some fun pool day! Van LOVED watching this over and over...now maybe he will get motivated to practice the swimming so he can jump too!

Helene said...

How did they get so big suddenly? They look so much older all of a sudden!!! Maybe it's because they're hurling themselves off of a diving board.

I love the sound you made when one of them hit the water with a thud after doing what looked like a cannonball! Cole does belly flops all the time and I can't help but scream "oooooh" when he does it. He says it doesn't hurt though...wierd.

Glad you're all enjoying your summer!!!! They're such great swimmers!!!! Isn't it nice to finally be able to watch from the sidelines instead of having to be in the water with them??

La Belle Vie said...

Thank you for joining my blog!! I love your family. They are incredible and so adorable!! I look forward to getting to know you through our blogs. ; )

Jessa xx