Friday, August 20, 2010

Fun in the Rain!

This week's FFF theme is Fun in the Sun,
but after "surviving" (what feels like)
EVERY day in the 100 PLUS temperatures, 
I just couldn't bear to post a picture reminding me of the scorching temperatures outside!


The weather gods have finally relented this week with some much appreciated rain.
Downpours in fact.
Creating some massive puddle'age outside.

Austin and Logan had already been outside "swimming" in the huge puddles.
By the time I grabbed my camera, most of the rain water had already washed away,
but I did manage to get  one or two half-way decent pics to capture their fun times! 

I love that Austin looks "younger" here!
I think it's the lack of pants!

And I think that the "Family Recycling Curbside"
adds a nice touch to this pic.


What's YOUR favorite Fun in the Sun,, Rain Picture!?
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Helene said...

What fun!!!! They do look younger for some reason!!!

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh Donna, they are so warm in the rain! PRECIOUS!!! (and there's something about looking pants-free that always makes me happy! Not in a dirty way! ;) )

Bobbi said...

You are amazing!! I love how you just can "let loose" I would freak!

Do love the "family recycling"....though here in ME we call it trailer trash....:>)

Hannah said...

That is so fun! I love playing in the rain. LOVE it.

We have been right at and over 100 since the middle of July. I think it is part of the reason I am feeling blah. It's too hot to be outside very long so it's been way too much inside time.

I wish you had told me about how not wearing your pants makes you look younger. I could have totally used that for my 20th reunion!!

Steph said...

Cute rain jackets!! They really do look younger in these pics!

I LOVE the diving board video!