Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boogers and Body slammin'

Thought I'ld share two my "funnies" from last night.

On the way home from shopping (with just Austin), we were rolling along rather quietly. Since he doesn't usually travel solo in the back seat, I thought he might be lonely. I decided to strike up a conversation.

"Watcha doing, Austin?"
A slight pause, then excitedly, "I eatin' boogies, Momma!"

His cuteness meter takes a huge nose dive.

"No, Austin. Don't EAT your boogies, that's nasty. That's yucky. Girls do NOT like it when you eat boogies.

A slightly longer pause from the back seat, as I'm assume he's processing this information.

And then, his response: "Boogies yummy, Mommy!"


Last night was also Back to School Night for my two little part-time school goers. Gary had told me that, at the Pumpkin Patch, it looked like the boys had made a new friend with a little boy named Grayson. So, in the classroom last night, I wasn't surprised when I heard two excided shouts of "Grayson! Grayson! as he and his parents walked into the room.

I smiled at the cuteness as Logan took off from across the room with a big ole' smile on his face and made a beeline for what at first looked like a big ole' hug for his new pal. But you know when two football players do that jump-chest-to-chest-thing in midair. Well, that's sort of what it looked like, except that Grayson wasn't quite prepared for this type of twin to twin excited greeting and instead, he ended up flat on his back counting ceiling tiles.

Amidst the shrieks and shouts of the parents/teachers in the classroom, Logan upon seeing his friend sprawled out on the floor got really embarrassed - which is something new they've been doing a lot of lately (getting embarrassed when in trouble). And when Logan gets embarrassed, he gets mad. So after body-checkin' his classmate, he walks over and angrily smacks ME!

Hi class, we'd like you to meet El Brute. Anybody want a play date? We've got a great idea for a snack, too!


Showing off their Halloween presents that family sent them.


Tina said...

Too funny. Ah the joys of boys.

Cheryl Lage said...

C'mon Mommy...boogies are delish! ;)

Hee hee...that'll be one you'll need to remind him of later!

They are too cute squeezin' their li'l ghosties. Love 'em. :)

Guatmama said...

That is too funny. Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

Well there you go, boogies are good! I guess it could be worse. LOLThe body slamming is pretty darn funny !!!!

Greta Jo said...

I love reading your funny stories about the boys. How stinkin cute ;)

Alleen said...

I'm dying laughing here!!!!!

Anne said...

Boys are so FUN!!

Love the body slamming story. Sounds like Luke's greetings :)

Bobbi said...

OK, the boogie thing is icky!! But, the conversation was pricless.

OH, I know you must have just about died, but again, thanks for the laugh!! I can always count on you.

Never a dull moment!!

Jill, Nate, and Joey said...

Well, I say you toughen up this Grayson character and invite him over for a playdate with the twins. Serve up some boogies for a snack!!!

Very cute stories!!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

I can't imagine Logan being mean! He is such a sweetie!!

Steph said...

Well, I suppose there are worse things to eat than boogies. HA! That is some good material for future girlfriends!!!

Oh boy. Oh boy. E tried to do the body slam thing with a closed door yesterday and end up looking at the ceiling. Yep, hit the door at full running speed. He also slapped me yesterday, too. What is up with these boys?!?! ;)

Natalie C. said...

How cute!

* TONYA * said...

Well didn't you know it was all your fault. ha ha. Poor boys.