Saturday, November 1, 2008


On Friday, we started the day with a playdate with our triplet buddy, Van!

RUN!!!!Then -after a nice little midday snooze, it was time for Halloween arts and crafts!

...which you can't do without sporting this fashion forward pumpkin apron!

Some last minute decorating....

And they're off...

Hehehehe - aren't they cute!!?!!

First up - our awesomely wonderful neighbors, Steve and Sandra who were going to bolt on "All Hallow's Eve," but stuck around for our little Elephant and Giraffe. Missing was their daughter, Hailey - who the boys equally adore! Thanks for our second annual first stop, guys!! WooHoo!

Then, it was off to our beloved Preschool teacher, Miss Cindy's house. Here they are peeking in for her....
Miss Cindy!?!
Then, back to our house, so Nonnie could dish out the candy. And then, it was time to get serious....
This is how we roll............wagonstyle!
Anyone see something that doesn't belong in the wagon!?!
They were so dang cute getting in and out of their wagon. And they did a really good job with the whole evening.

However, their true love - "Go Team, GO!" was happening right around the corner, the second to last home game.

True story: "Okay, do you guy want more candy or football?"

Response loudly and in unison: "FOOTBALL!!"

So, we packed it in and headed to the game. I had some insane idea of taking pictures in the stands as they cheered and yelled, but I was busy enough just trying to keep them both upright, not falling into the HUGE gaps created in stadium bleachers and trying to keep poms poms out of everybody else's faces. swoo! So, on the way out, we snapped a few pics:

Daddy and his boys! All about the football game!


Heidi said...

Those must be the cutest costumes I have ever seen! They look darling and I absolutely love that they chose football over candy! Such boys.

And thank you for your sweet comment, you always know just what to say. :)

Tina said...

They are adorable! And I spotted the item that didn't belong....too funny! Football over candy? They are SOOOO BOYS!!!

Natalie C. said...

They are adorable.

Steph said...

Ohmy!!! HOW CUTE!!! I love the backend pics of their costumes! heehee!!

Looks like you had a funfilled evening!

Bobbi said...

OK, you hit a 10 on the cuteness factor. I loved giving seeing them climb the stairs!

What kids give up candy for football??? You have some pretty unique boys.

What didn't belong??

Bobbi said...

OH, the shoe!!!

Kelly said...

That apron is sooooooo fashion forward...LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could they be any flipp'in cuter...seriously???????

* TONYA * said...

OMG those are the cutest costumes ever, look at those adorable hiney's LOL.

They chose football over candy. Such boys.

Tracey said...

Wow what a fun fun day! Your action shots are awesome...we had a blast of course.
I sure hope those little guys slept well...they were busy busy and cute as always!
Let's do it again...Chat and Play is calling my name.

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

they have to be the cutest giraffe and elephant I have ever seen.

Oh my I can only imagine that they did want to go watch the game! Mia now says GOOOO TEAM!!!
They are the cutest in their little hats and coats when they went to watch the game. I miss you guys SOOO much! When do I get to see you and those sweet boys again?

I am sorry we missed your call! I didn't know it was you : (

Jill, Nate, and Joey said...

They get cuter every single day!!!