Saturday, October 18, 2008

Guatoberfest - a Recap

(First off, anybody offended if I ask for you to PRAY for my computer? lol It is so unbelievably slow and I REALLY don't want to spend boo-coo's of $$$ fixin' it. Argh!!)

Okay Guatoberfest 2008. Our first (but not last) year attending. What a blast! LOTS and lots of families and unfortunately chasing two very active 2 year olds did not lend to a LOT of mingling other than the quick 5 second - "Hi - your kid is adorable! How old is he/she? Where are you are from? Ooops - gotta run, SO nice to meet you!!" hahaha

We arrived early to spend some time with our friends- Gwen, Jen and Mia, who we had met our on pick-up trip. And WOW - what a blast we had with them all weekend. Our boys adored Mia, and well, they adored Jen and Gwen, too! We were on the same floor - the 15th (no - NOT the penthouse!) and the boys had a lot of fun running back and forth between our two rooms.

We also got to meet Kelly, Ralph, Skylar and Onnie. Princess Kelly was holding court in the grand ballroom the first night and we were graciosuly allowed to dine with her and Queen Skylar. The rest, they said, is history! (P.S. if you are EVER feeling a little down and gloomy, go read her blog (Skylie Smiles)! Her commentary will have you in tears laughing - and her daughter will amaze you with all of her skills and pressure, Kelly!).

Okay, apparently I just carried my camera around the entire weekend and didn't really take any pictures. So, I've been forced to "lift" them from other blogs. And add in a few from my own pathetic attempt at capturing all the fun!

But, without further ado - more pics...

(I know it's really long, I don't think I'm good at making these things! No editing skills.)

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Bobbi said...

Loved all the pics. I can imagine it was kinda tough to snap pics, visit, and chase all at the same time. I was thinking how I would have just spent the weekend running. I can do that here for free!

So glad you had fun. The boys looked like they had fun as well.

I will pray for your computer. When it goes down I miss you and those two little cuties

Tricia said...

Great pics!!!

Thanks for sharing them! :)

Jill, Nate, and Joey said...

LOVE the photos. It was such a great weekend and we are so glad we met you and those amazing boys.

I will pray for you computer!!

Heidi said...

It looks like you had a super fun time! Wish we could have made it. Too funny, I can picture you running after your boys who have taken off into 2 different directions!

Steph said...

Still jealous! I have quickly learned that it is no longer possible to have a full, uninterrupted conversations! It looks like the boys had a blast.

Oh, Eli is wearing 2t shirts and 18-24 month pants (I think he has monkey arms!). Your boys have MUCH cuter clothes so we would also welcome some hand-me-overs! ;)

* TONYA * said...

Wow, what a wonderful time you had. I just adored the lipstick, the thing 1, thing 2 and the kissing pics and those boys playing golf is too cute.

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

LOVE the pics and the montage! I have tons of pics I will have to email them to you!

PS Jenny asked Mia who she loved Logan, Austin, or Toby (our other friends little boy) and she said Rosa!!! too funny : ) I am pulling for Logan though!