Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Secret Blog Pal!

Thank you Secret Blog Pal!!!!

Wow - we got a package from our Secret Blog Pal! WooHoo - what fun!


Bobbi said...

I seee a future soccer player....

How cute was that. They had fun. I love their thank-you's.

HEY! I missed out on the secret blog pal. Next time I want to play too!!

Steph said...

How CUTE is that??? I just want to eat them up!!! I agree, that was an awesome in-the-air kick!!

Anonymous said...

How cute are they???????????????? I love that you took video!!!

Glad you like the surprise.


Our Family of 5 said...

OMG!! Sophia is totally in love! I kept telling her that is Austin and Logan and she kept saying, I like them. And those sweet voices, and what smart little men you have. Knowing their colors. That is fantastic. Sophia is learning. She says send that marriage proposal right away!

I laughed at the dog laying behind them, my dogs would have been shredding up the paper and trying to take the soccer ball.

Austin and Logan put smiles on our faces. Great job to your SBP. We too are loving it.

xoxox to Austin and Logan from Sophia!