Friday, August 1, 2008

I have angered the Sleep gods...

And apparently the Technology/Communication gods are not ready to release their curse on me either.

No lying - I've spent the entire day trying to get my Internet back up and running. Obviously with success. But it seems I just can't let my guard down for one minute! And I'm waiting on yet another new camera cord to be able to download from my new-to-me camera.

During my blogging hiatus, I wasn't able to mention how well sleep had been going. Austin has been sleeping through the night (10PMish to 8:30AMish) every day. Logan will still go down like a champ but at anytime during the night, he will wake up, trot on into our room and plop into bed with us. If you remember, it took a full 2weeks to get them to go from co-sleeping to their own room/beds. I had a rougher/longer stretch with Logan and we had a lot of "cry it out" nights. Well - that sort of backfired on me: Logan became a completely different child, angry, hitting, biting. You could see it in his eyes and face muscles. Once I put two and two together, I started comforting/soothing him again when he cried out at night. Even if it was just to rock him for a few minutes. Within two days, he returned to the fun, happy go lucky little Logan he was before. Ever since, life has been great. Austin sleeping through (3 hours naps and 10 hours at night). Logan doing the same except maybe one cry out at nap and joining us randomly throughout the night.

Last night Logan spiked a fever for some unknown reason (milk allergy? Daddy took the boys out for ice cream. New Calcium multi-vitamin? It certainly has, uh, clotted up the poo in a good way. Molars coming in?) . He didn't appear to be in pain, he answered all my questions clearly (Tummy hurt? nope. Head hurt? nope. Want some water? okay. ) He woke up screaming, wanting to come downstairs. We hung out for a bit then I took him back upstairs. And he just tossed and turned forever. I had given him Tylenol when he first woke-up and then I remembered that that never seems to help us with fevers. So, an hour later he got Motrin and another hour later he finally went to sleep. The last time I looked at the clock it was 4:30am - and I had not been to sleep at all.

So, Logan's fever went down. He went to sleep. I went to sleep. And Little Mr. Sir-Sleeps-A-Lot Austin decided today of all days to wake up at 6:30AM!! And was ready for the day. WTF!?! Did you do the math? I barely got two hours, if that, of sleep. AiyiYIyiYee!

Nap time was not much better. Keeping my fingers crossed for tonight.

I didn't realize how much I had been sleeping until I didn't get my sleep last night. I am very, very thankful for how well we have been sleeping all summer long. Even more so than the technology gods, I would like to make an offering to the sleep gods. I love me some sleep!!


Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Oh you poor thing! I hope you get some good sleepin' tonight! I can't wait to see pics and I am so glad you are back blogging I missed you : ) Can't wait to see you guys!

Our Family of 5 said...

OH My gosh! I am feeling ya. I have been going on little to not much sleep at all these past few days, so if the sleep gods take a bribe, I'd be happy to know what it took to convince then to cut you some sleep =)

Jane said...

I love sleep, too! I have started sleeping through my morning wake up call (aka "MAAAAMMMAAAAA!!!!!") sometimes. Yikes!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your kids are so freaking cute. We'll have a playdate next time we are in Richmond! :)

Bobbi said...

WOW!! What did you do to make them mad?? OH, how I hope that things get better. No sleep makes it hard to be a nice mommy.

Tylenol never works for fevers for us either, unless Motrin doesn't take it down, then we do the Tylenol trick, and that often works.

I know you need sleep, but I hope both Gods give you a break. I like you being back, but I need me some pics of those two cuties!!!

Victoria and Joe said...

OH NO!! This sounds like the night I think I am about to have. Jazlynn is bringing in her first teeth here.. wish me luck!