Monday, August 25, 2008

House Rearranging

We've been busy "redecorating/rearranging" to make better use of our space.

We've been promising Mason and Evan for quite some time that we would upgrade to a plasma/HD/Flat screen thingy TV. Normally not my cup of tea, a TV is a TV and something I rarely watch. But this time, with a wall mount, I would gain mucho space-o.

So, a week or so ago, I mentioned that we could go ahead and proceed. I asked Mason and Evan to go do the research at several stores and come back with two or three options between "said price range."

Long story short - the men went out and hunted and slayed the biggest dragon they could fine. They literally came home beating their chests with the thrill of victory for their kill. Not only was the size about 4 times what I had in mine, but it had far more bells and whistles than I had known possible. The clarity was so great, they told me, you would actually be able to see the mint date on the quarter tossed at a football game. Which is the whole reason your watch football in the first place, right? I could see the drool on all three of their beast slaying faces. And I made a mental note to change the Christmas budget to $25 per each idiot for the next 9 years to make up the cost difference for this latest addition to our family (that they assure me will last for the next 20 years).

New TV: $(insert ridiculous amount here)
Wall mount: $225
New Cables: $90

Extended Warranty: $295

Guaranteed (not to fall off the wall) Installation: $400
Total Price of TV: $Thousands

Grey Leather sectional Couch in mint condition found on (by the real Huntress in the family!): $500

Two minutes into first TV viewing session and Logan hurling a hard ball within two inches of the stuffed and mounted animal on the wall and hearing the collective gasp from the cavemen as for one brief moment they thought their victory celebration would be oh so short lived:

Some fun in the midst of rearranging. Mason and Evan dressed the boys up in their "muscle" shirts.

And for those of you who need help telling the twins apart, Austin is the one currently showcasing a new-do compliments of having a mini-shaving session with dad's razor!

You've at least got to appreciate a nice, clean line!
(...and if you look very closely off in the distance, you'll notice the beast sitting quietly atop it's new permanent perch...)


ManyBlessings said...

This post had me laughing and laughing. I live in a sea of estrogen and all it's...uh..."emotions"...haha!! And you live out there in the ocean of testosterone and all it's caveman loveliness! HILARIOUS! I about peed my pants when you were talking about the ball almost hitting their precious animal! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Heidi said...

You are so creative in your posts, I just love reading them! Congrats on the new tv. Your sons sound hilarious! Thanks for telling us about the "great kill".

Steph said...

Oh boy, oh boy...I think I can hear the sound of beating chests and giant roars all the way in Ohio.

Our Family of 5 said...

laughing! I hope the beasts have been tamed and all are happy!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

we keep seeing tv's at the store and we always say why don't we get one of those...then the money thing. I just can't imagine spending that kind of money on a tv when I could spend it on clothes : )

too funny love your story!

Tam said...

BwaHaHaHaHaHa! You're too funny!

Bobbi said...

Boy, you really are outnumbered arent' you??

I love how they freaked when they thought they might loose their new TV!! That must have been precious. Guess they didn't sell toddler protection??

Hope you learned not to send them shopping again!!!

Bobbi said...

OK, two comments. Forgot about the new do!! Nice job.

I have got to checkout craiglist. Great find!!

Joe enjoyed this post too. He is very proud of them. I told him not to get any ideas!!

Anonymous said...

Too funny!

Love the boys in their muscle t-shirts.

Jordan and Chandra Smith said...

Oh your cute sweet boys!!! It's fun to "meet" new people that have adopted as well, but even more fun when they have adopted twins! We would like to adopt from Guatemala as well, and seeing your cute boys makes me want to even more.

Bobbi said...

Stop watching that new TV and get to some updates!!! I miss you again

Christine said...

How cute.

I love anyhting that helps to declutter. :)

Hannah said...

I feel your pain. Lordy do I feel your pain.

We finished the basement to make a play room. 1/2 is play room, 1/4 is storage gee what could we do with the other 1/4??? That's right Movie room. He seriously found the largest TV I have ever seen in my life. That of course called for a new leather sectional and surround sound system and a play station 3 (for Dmitry of course!! what ever!) You know how much I spent on the play room not counting construction? 300 at Ikea for storage. We did already have a family room with large TV and everything... Boys...they just aren't right.

* TONYA * said...

Ha, that was so funny. Good purchase huntress. Love the sectional. Those boys in the muscle shirts, too cute.