Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baseball with Daddy and a solo trip to Nonnie's

Gary was able to make it to the last game of his team's summer playoffs and we all went to cheer him on! Austin and Logan are great shouters of "Hit the ball, Daddy!" and "Run!"

Eatin' at the "table." Austin's the only one looking at the camera and smiling. Good boy, Austin!

Nonnie and I had a special girl's "afternoon" out and went and saw Mama Mia - my first movie in like, 7 years I think! It was a great time out and a fun movie. I'm still singing the songs. When we came home, Austin wanted to go "bye-bye" with Nonnie. So, we let him go home with her And we played "only child" with Logan.

This is Austin all by himself with Nonnie (He LOVES her new car and didn't want to get out).
Having a ball, loving the solo attention at Nonnie's. I think he would have spent the night there and been just fine. Logan missed him like crazy, but we took him out to dinner and he eventually did "alright" without his bro.

We try and do separate things with them, but I'm the first to admit we need to do it more. I think everbody enjoys it!


Bobbi said...

It must be tough to get one on one time with them. I am sure they miss each other. Sounds like that was a good time to grab it. Reese now cries if my Mom comes over and he can't go with her. It always works, and she takes him!!

We are enjoying some only child time with Reese this weekend is so strange, isn't it?

Love my smiling guys!!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Love how Austin smiles at the camera - too cute!

What a big boy Austin is going all by himself! Poor Logan though missing his bro : (

they are too cute!!! Can't wait to see them again in person!

Bobbi said...

OH, and forgot to say I love, love, loved Mama Mia!! Have seen it twice now!!

Steph said...

I bet the boys enjoy that special 1:1 time! Nonnie must be pretty special!

With Gary's crazy schedule, he still manages to play ball?!?! Hopefully his schedule has calmed down a bit?

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