Monday, March 31, 2008


Wow! We've been tagged and Mom's been too busy, tired, and cranky to post. So, we're taking over and responding to all our good buddies: fellow twins Brayden and Arianna, and Sophia and Mia. We're supposed to list ten random facts about ourselves. Here goes:

We are identical, so we do have a few things in common.

1) There is nothing funnier than pushing your brother and watching him fall down. Nothing.

2) We LOVE Hi-5. It was our favorite show in Guatemala and it is our favorite show at home. If you don't know about Hi-5, you should tell your Mom's to go find out about it. We've seen a lot of you dance and know you would just LOVE it!

3) Mom says we are the best eaters evah! For breakfast, we EACH eat 1 1/2 fried eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, a slice of cheese and a small orange. For lunch, we EACH eat a CAN of Lucky's Chicken and Dumplings and some more fruit. All day long, we beg Momma for apples, "noranges," Nanananananaa's, prech-els (pretzels), pock-orn (pop-corn). And for dinner, we eat whatever the family is eating like steak, salmon, lasagna, asparagus. We LOVE food!

4) We are both FEARLESS! Our brothers play with us on the trampoline, we do somersaults without using our hands (this always freaks Mom out), we jump off of ANYTHING, no matter how high it is and we always land on our feet. We also climb on anything, like the kitchen counter, the dining room table...

5) We actually never learned to walk, at 11 months we went from crawling to running. Mom knew she was in trouble when she saw a picture of our foster mother, and she looked very, very frazzled!!

Differences (as told by Logan)
6) Farts make me giggle. I repeat the fart sound "pfffttt" and point to my butt or to whoever's butt made the funny sound. My brother takes the more scientific approach to farts, his eyebrows go up and he immediately begins researching where the noise came from. He will lift me up to look at my butt - which I'm pointing to anyway cuz I made the fart!

7) I LOVE balls, especially basketball. I can shoot, dribble and catch. I can also throw a baseball in the air and hit it myself. My big brother Evan is really impressed! He and I play ball all the time! Austin LOVES cars! He's always playing with his trucks, cars and making "vroom, vroom" noises. When we go for walks, he's always slowing us down because he inspects every car along the way - the tires, the wheels, the doors....Momma says he's going to grow up and worship Mason who's studying to be a mechanic.

Differences (as told by Austin)
8) I'm a boob man. Well, actually a cleavage man. I love to shove my hand down anyone and everyone's chest. Sometimes, little girls shriek and run from me when I do it, but I think the older ladies find it charming. My brothers do not like it when I look for their boo-boos. They say it hurts when I tweak them. And although Logan is interested in boobs, he's really very strange. He's an ear man. This has the whole family baffled. Whenever anyone picks him up, he immediately grabs ahold of their ears. He will rub them. He will poke his fingers in them. He tugs at them. He pulls them. But he still does it. When Daddy and Logan take naps together, Daddy will let Logan rub his ears until he falls asleep.

9) I have a dimple on my left cheek. It's adorable. Logan has a million dollar smile. It's adorable, too.

Oops - Mom's up, we'll let her finish the last one...
10) Momma is proud to report that both boys fell asleep last night AND tonight in under ten minutes of putting them down!! Yay! However, we have had to put them in non-matching pajamas 'cuz they're doing some switcheroos through the night and we can't tell who's who in who's bed!!

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Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Love your list! Also love that Austin is a boob man and Logan is an ear man. How sweet of DH to let Austin rub his ear until he falls asleep.

Glad to hear that sleeping is going better!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Ok I know I just reread my comment and Logan rubs Dh's ear until he falls asleep. Sorry : )

Guatemama said...

Great post! Wahooooo they fell alseep within 10 min! Hope you are over the worst of the sleep deprivation. That is so cute that they change pj's! LOVE IT

Guatemama said...

OPPPPPPPPS! I get it now. I am not getting enough sleep myself it seems. They change beds....LOL :) Laughing at myself. I was so impressed that they could do that at their age...LOL

Greta Jo said...

LOL. Its fun to learn about your boys.

Donna said...

You guys are hlarious! Although, I'm beginning to think it was my writing...not yalls interpretations!

Yes, they are falling asleep quickly, now we're working on "staying alseep and IN their beds!"

ggaggle said...

Hey girl - you got me again, but you have the wrong blog address for me!

I really do want to play, but it looks like we are going to have to wait till next week.
Let me know your schedule - I can not do Wed.

I am going for a full week of photos!!!! (I have to keep up with you) HEE HEE!

Love ya, Robin