Friday, March 28, 2008

Sleep deprived!!

Tonight is Night 5 of Nighttime Separation. All in all, things are going well. Much better than either of us had anticipated. The boys go to their room each night, relatively on their own. They seem to understand that that is where night-night takes place now.

Austin goes down like a champ! Minimal fussing. And last night, he didn't wake up until 4am.

Logan. Well, Logan and I are dueling it out. I don't know who's winning. Neither of us are sleeping much, but he's not back in our bed. So, hard to tell. I am determined to "win." I can't tell you how many times I have "layed' him down. But we are making progress. The initial putting down takes about 45 minutes. Not bad. But then, he wakes up like every 30 minutes! Again, we've only had three nights. So, I'm not discouraged (yet).

Mommy just doesn't have much of a brain to blog right now. I've been tagged and I'll get to that this weekend, that will be fun. And I have more Easter pictures, a lot more actually, but I'll just post a few.

Thanks for all of the support. I'm still missing my nighttime pals, but we now have morning snuggly time and I'm finding just as much enjoyment in that. It tears my heart apart when Logan reaches for me, saying "peez, mommy, peeeeeeez!" with big ole gigantic tears rollin' down his face, but I just keep chanting, "Please, God help them go night-night. Please, God, guide me and help me use good judgement." And, not surpringsly, it works!

Last night, Gary said, "We should have done this six months ago." I said, "No. No. I wouldn't have given up one night with them. Maybe, maybe we could have done it a week earlier, but other than that, our timing was perfect."

In other news, the boys have been decked out to the MAX! in their first two spring outfits of the season and I've been too exhausted to snap any pictures! Just visualize 100% adorableness with big ole bags under their eyes and a cranky mom in tow. ;-)

Wish me luck, off to night 5. Here are a few more Easter pictures (out of order, though, blogger is not letting me move them around, ugh!) and I'll be back to commenting on other blogs soon!!

(And THANKS, Nonnie for the nap today!)

Austin eating his first Peeps! Yum!
Lovin' on Chubby!
Looking for Easter eggs at Nonnie's.

Family pic in front of our church. We started off the day at the Sunrise service. So, everyone's a wee bit tired.The youth put it on every year and Mason and Evan did a great job, as always. Logan checking out his Easter basket.
Mason with his Easter basket! He's SO excited!
And Evan eyeing his!


Bobbi said...

Hang tough, Mom. Ok, the tears and the "Peez" would be hard for me to take too. But, you're right, it has to happen.

Love the Easter pics. Hope you get some rest!!

Bobbi said...

OH, and told Beth our little summer plan. She is so excited--they are in!

Boys, ease up on Mom, she is wiped and she has some fun summer stuff to plan!!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

You poor thing. Stay strong.

Love the Easter photos. I am going to email you SOON about going back to Guatemala. We have to go together!!!

Steph said...

Oh, what a huge transition! Change is never easy. Try to get some sleep. This will all pass. Right? Right? (remind me of this in about a year. hee hee!)

Guatmama said...


I messed a few days of your blogs and thank goodnees I just stole a quick peak from work, I don't have time to cry here. I can relate so much to your last few posts. We moved into our new home 3 weeks ago and put Sam in his big boy bed. He is doing so well with it, but me, not so much. I love to feel that foot or hand in the middle of the night. And the birthweight of your babies, I am sure that they stopped your heart, mine too, when I heard Joe's.
What matters is that they are with your now and they know that you are their most loyal, forever cheerleader!

Greta Jo said...

I am sure its been tough for you but you are strong. The boys look so cute in their easter outfits.
Love the photos.

Our Family of 5 said...

Ok, loving all the pictures. Love the family picture. And it's great to see the big boys too.
Now to them sweet twins you have. Them precious boys wrecking havoc.. I don't know Austin and Logan, I think you 2 cuties are just to sweet to be doing that!!
Hang in there!

Heidi said...

Oh boy, this too shall pass, though I know it is hard to see it now! You will get through the nighttime battles and at least it is only happening with one of them!

Great easter pictures, I love the one of Logan and Austin with Chubby. Too cute!

ggaggle said...

Hang in there girl!!!!
It is not easy. Emerson has never slept good since we switched him to a big boy bed. I am praying the same prayers as you.
(And we wonder why we are so tired all the time!)
I love you!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are adorable!!

Stay strong. It is going to get easier on all of you. It's so hard when they call out to you - the 'peez' would break my heart too.

Prayers for sleep tonight!

Tam said...

That "peez, Mama" with the tears has got to be tough! Good luck with the rest of the transition...