Friday, February 2, 2007

Our boys!

Hello all!

Boy we sure have been busy!! Gary and I flew out of Richmond yesterday right when the snow started. Things were a little iffy in Charlotte, NC – the snow and ice were quite heavy, but after we were “de-iced” our plane left only about 20 minutes behind schedule.

We had a great arrival, much hotter here than last time! Again, Austin and Logan were waiting for us in the lobby – at about 4pm!! They were so awesome, they recognized both of us immediately! We got big grins from them and they came to us right away. It was such a delicious moment!!

Their new foster mother cried when she left, I think she’s really been having a great time with them. The boys have not grown much, still wearing 3-6 moths clothing, but they are doing a LOT more – crawling, standing, pulling themselves up, and playing, playing, playing!

We spent the evening again running around gathering supplies (water, formula) from the mall. And we did not get internet access until this morning. So, we’re just now “relaxing!”

So, Grandma Barbie is on her way down here Monday – yippee! And we’ll try and keep the pics coming!

Oh, forgot – We were impressed that the boys are now sleeping thru the night – 10pm until 5am! That's all for now - I started this e-mail 2 1/2 hours ago - I'll check in soon!

Donna and Gary,
Austin and Logan,
Mason and Evan - hanging out at home

Daddy and the boys on our first night back in Heaven! Logan is in the yellow, Austin is the one further away!

Giggles galore!!

The couch provides lots of "safe" entertainment! Aren't those just the cutest little butts and thighs!!

Logan is in the green with the lizard tongue! And don't be fooled, we thought Austin was tired, too
...but they both just kept going and going and going!!!

Oh so much fun to be had!!!

Logan in the Johnny Jump Up...they didn't quite get the hang of jumping, but we left it with their foster mother and we're sure they'll be many jumping days ahead of them!!

Meet Logan - The Lizard Boy!

Austin after bath - so adorable!!

Logan after bath - he fell asleep 1 minute later!

Logan's first pizza!! Good stuff!

Daddy doing double duty...
Lunchtime in the strollers!!

Activate Wonder Twin Power...form of...?standing up little boys!?!
What? When did this happen?

Austin says, "Hey, no problem, Mama - we're almost ready to walk, too!"

Lizard Logan verifies that this is indeed a very sound structure and passes his inspection!

It's the first shot of the 4 of us!! They really, really loved the water!

Logan SO tired, he fell asleep in the middle of lunch!

Logan loves breaksfast! Isn't that just the cutest smile!!

Daddy and the boys first super bowl together!! (Logan is on the left, Austin on the right)