Monday, February 5, 2007

Grandma arrives!

Grandma arrived safely and soundly yesterday, but a wee worn out. Her 6am flight arrived at 9am instead of 7am due to “the plane needing anew computer!” Yikes! And her flight to Guatemala was delayed about 40 minutes due to “runway congestion.”

All four of us surprised her and met her at the airport! By luck, mom was on the same flight as other friends of ours, Robin and Jeff who are here picking up either Austin’s or Logan’s future wife. Mira is 8 months old and it just a little princess!

Hours later, we were all settled in our room, Mom and I were on the couch with the babies, and yep – rumble, rumble, rumble, Mom and I started shaking away on the couch. The lamp shade started a swaying. And Momma said, “Are we having an earthquake?” Luckily, before we fully realized it was happening it was over. But, 7 floors up in a mostly glass building in a country you’re not familiar with, with 2 small babies in your arms – itz a wee bit scarey, or unnerving to say the least. There are 3 volcanoes near here and we’ve been admiring their view, but last night they took on new meaning! Hmm, are they active? Anyway, the evening proceeded with no more greetings from Mother Nature!

So, Gary left today and we miss him, but Mom and I are doing just fine.

Oh, and for those keeping up with the adoption process, we finally got Pre-Approval for one child (this is what is needed to get us into the last stage). We’re trying to figure out why we haven’t gotten both of them, but pray it will just arrive any minute now (it is e-mailed to us).
Chuga, chuga, chuga…..we’ll get there one day!

Thanks for all the prayers and support!!

All our love,

Grandma, Mom, Austin and Logan!