Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Sports

warning: bragging ahead...
Logan is playing his first season of football!
When I signed him up, I thought I was signing him up for a FALL sport!
So...I was a wee bit surprised when, this SUMMER, we got an email about practive starting up in August.  ALL of August.  6pm - 8pm Monday THROUGH Friday.
Ayi-yii-yiii-yiii!!  Are you kidding me!?!
Thankfuly, Logan is a sports-aholic and loved every minute of it.
He wakes up talking football,
asking about his practice, his next game, etc.
This little boy breathes sports.
He's only six!!
He looks sooo big! 

And so intense!
Logan is a phenominal little football player.
He runs the ball.
He grabs the flags.
He understands the game.
He loves the game.
It is sooooo fun to see him in his element.
And shine.
Truthfully, I am hoping and begging that football will not be his chosen sport.
Way too rough for this Momma.
Too many concussions and injuries.
Austin flat out said "No Thank you to football!"
Which is a first...
I think he realized that he signed up for baseball
because he thought it would be cool...then realized he didn't actually enjoy anything about baseball.
So, I was very proud of him for thinking it through and saying No to football.
Although, now that he has seen Logan play, he may be a little more open to it.
He likes running the drills, etc.
We gave him lots of options for his Fall activity, and he chose Swimming.
Not just swim lessons,  but swim team.
Austin has always been a phenominal little swimmer.
He has had practice for about three weeks and then had his first meet this weekend.
(sidenote: ohmylawd - whattheheck are these crazy events!)
Bragging: Austin raced in 4 heats (true story, I was calling them "heaps" til Gary gently and laughingly corrected me), he got 2nd place in one, 6th in one and we are not sure of the last one - it was a 50 (what yards?) down and back. 
Of course, my camera went out on me, he doesn't have another meetfor a month.
But it's safe to say,
swimming is his sport:
 Look at that precious face!
Getting instructions. It was a very, very confusing day!
But Austin remained focused. 
Was ready to go when we yelled at, er....directed him that it was time to swim.
Yay for sports and cheering on your kids.
We are trying really, really hard to hold true to one sport per child per season.
Just trying to keep it real, and not overwhelm any of us.
Which - we are...
...still overwhelmed.
But we are having lots of fun right now cheering on our little athletes! 


Nonnie said...

So glad you posted some photos - I absolutely LOVE the first picture of Logan and the second picture of Austin. What handsome little men they are and sooooo intense in their respective sports.

Bobbi said...

How great is it that they are doing their own sports! I think it is so good for them to have separate interests! And, um they both look so cuete in their gear!!!

Welcome to sports. I go on what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.... and I am barely keeping my head above water!!

Greta Jo said...

Fun times. The boys look so much older than six. You are a brave Mommy for allowing football. Carson wants to be too. :(