Saturday, September 8, 2012

And.....we're back!

I hadn't intended on taking the sumer off from blogging, but it was a nice little break!

Also, the boys weren't exactly "cute and funny" this summer!  hahaha

Seems they did really, really well at their camps, and for their sitter and mostly, for Nonnie.  But....they saved up the good nasty, hot and tired attitudes/meltdowns for Mommy.  When they did this at 2 and 3 (and even 4 and 5), I had a lot of patience.  A lot.  But at 6 - it's not so much fun anymore.  And my patience seems to have finally worn off a tad.  I spent a lot of my summer pretty darn tired and exhausted.  Then again, mother nature has continued to bless me and my womanly ways and "that time" when a woman usually starts um, slowing down, has arrived much earlier for me.  So, my attitude *may* just have a little to do with that as well!  ;-) 

And yet - in other ways, it was the easiest summer we have had yet.  The boys got to go to their school for a free country rec program Mon thru Thurs from 8 to 2:30.  Cannot. begin. to say what a BLESSING that was.  It kept them in a routine.  Kept them with friends.  Wore them out.  Diverted the whole need to complain about "boring" summers. and hello - it was FREE! 

So, their schedule went like this: Wake up, dress, grab packed lunch, head to camp, play, play, play, arts and crafts, down time, outside play, more play.  Nonnie or the babysitter would pick them up, bring them home - where they would then demand to be fed non-stop for 2.0 hours while vegging out on the couch and tv.  Re-energize around 5ish, berade Mommy and Daddy all evening with "Entertain us!  Play sports with us!  Spend money on us! Take us places!"  And then (thankfully) early bedtime.  

We all did the best we could.  But not a lot of noteworthy blog pictures to take in that above scenario! 

We did have lots of swimming, a few day trips to the beach. Unbelievable, nasty HOT temperatures and then a very mild August. 

And in typical summer fashion, there were a lot of other things going on too, like:
Church Summer camp, Theatre camp, fishing, swimming, working on the musical at church, VBS, hanging with their new FAB babysitter:

 Pajama day at camp
(yes, entirely too tight, too little pf's, cuz ya know, they still sleep al natural most nights!)
 Day trip to the beach, this was the only 5 minutes they spent out of the water that day.
Excruiatingly HOT!
 July 4th fun
 Amazing babysitter, breathtakingly beautiful!
I snagged thispic off her facebook page, cuz I didn't actually get any pics of her and the boys.
But she is not gone out of our lives quite yet (or ever!), so I'll be sure to get one!
 Sleep over fun!
 New looking, less cluttered, more grown up looking toy room.
 Goofing and shopping fun!
What they did ALL summer!
Logan waiting for his fish!

Austin caught one!
Playing with fire as newly commissioned church Alcolytes:

In other news, Evan came and went - this year causing very little disruption to the twins anxiety levels.  I'ld say it was rough for the first week he was home and tough again the week before he was leaving.   Christmas 2011 sort of did Evan in.  The twins were just out of control - with dad's new job and two weeks away training, the excitement of Christmas, the change in schedule with school break - it was all too much! ;-)  They were holy terrors for about 6 weeks...if not longer!  But I think we would all agree the summer went much better.  And there were even a few moments of returning to the fun and goofey times between the three of them.  Right, Evan? you even check the blog anymore? ;-) 

I hate that this post sounds all kinda debbie-downer, lol, but it is reality.  It's our life.  The twins' life.  They are soooo full of energy.  They are cuddly and snuggily one moment and then, feet planted in cement - not budging, demanding little twirps the next and then all out fit throwing, temper tantrum kid-cussing (they don't really cuss, but if they could, I'm pretty sure their rants would be laden with them!) knockdown, drag out fits!  Gary and I have sought the help of a wonderful family counselor - who has helped them.  We have all noticed a marked changed in the boys.  The fits are shorter.  We handle them better.  Recovery is more satifying - for all parties.   We know that this will be the ebb and flow of our lives.  There is no "cure" no "end" to their issues.  And we are now in an optimistically good place to work with the boys through their more trying times.  Although, dear Lord, please, PLEASE send re-enforcement angels during Austin's teen years.  I. am. begging. 

Okay - longest post in the history of my blog.  Back to Summer 2012

After their theatre camp performance (Winnie the Pooh)

Next up, back to school, the beginning's of Logan's football career, and Austin joins the fall swim team! 


Bobbi said...

cI like reality posts!!! That's because they make me feel good too. Sounds a lot like my life!! It's all good, and as long as noone is dead in the end, then it's a success!!

You are a great mommy and never ever forget that.

Christina said...

OHHHHH HOW I'VE MISSED YOU!!!!! Seriously missed you! If it makes you feel any better....with Porter turning 1 this Thursday he is going thru a new phase, the fall out roll around on the floor like a wild boar squealing and screaming b/c I told him no or took something away from him that he shouldn't have had in the first place. Did I mention he's not even 1 yet. Those moments are def hard. You are a fantastic Mommy! :)