Thursday, September 20, 2012

1st Grade

Austin, Day 1

Logan, Day 2
(bcuz we didn't have TWO brand new Power Ranger shirts, thankfully Nonnie scoured the department stores and snagged one for her baby to wear for his "First Day" picture:

Austin, Day 2
jazz hands!

First grade- you can tell because they are holding up ONE finger.  Though Austin kept trying to gt a second one in there!
True story.  I sent them off on their first day with the WRONG bus number tagged on their backpacks.  The tags that the school uses to make sure they put your child on the right bus home.
"Boys, listen to me.  The FIRST thing you do at school is tell your teachers Mommy got the wrong number.  k?  K.  Have a great first day though an dhopefully we'll see you at the end of it."
I followed up with a call to the school, who politely laughed at me when I told them what I had done!


Bobbi said...

Where have our babies gone???? I love, love, love the wrong number story!!! They arrived home safe andd sound, no harm done!! :)