Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

 My handsome little men!

 Logan, left. Austin, right.

 Mommy and Austin

Mommy and Logan

Mason and Lory 


 Easter egg hunt!

 Look at that egg WAY up there!

Austin, will you help me get it?


 Daddy and the boys!

It was beautiful weather!  Evan was home (and Amanda, but she somehow escaped my!).  Nonnie hosted us two days in a row.  It was a fantastic weekend (aside from Mommy being sick for 3.5 days). 

The boys wrote the Easter bunny the ight before and asked for some pretty major items.  We tried explaining that the Easter bunny doesn't quite work like Santa.  ;-) However, they were quite disappointed the next morning - not ungrateful, just disappointed.  They each asked a few times if we were the ones that go out and buy the stuff.  And I tried to avoid flat out lying, but I do really want them to keep that magical hope alive.  I feel like they've only just kinda "grasped" the whole concept and I do want to give them a few more magical moments before it's all shattered by some 5th grader on the bus! 


Bobbi said...

OK, first off, you are gorgeous!!! Love the pics of you and the boys!! Your older boys are pretty handsome guys too, and looks as if they have found some great girls.....even if some are invisible :) I absolutely loved the team work picture!!!

NOW, onto the "is he real" FUN TIMES!! Yup, some KINDERGARTENER has already planted the seed!! Krista finally gave into it this year and couldn't believe any longer.....she and Cassie both were 9. However, Krista still strongly believes in Santa! That one is going to crush her!!!

Glad that you had a beautiful Easter with family.

Dena said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me you licked your finger before you tried to wipe Logan's face and then decided THAT'S the picture you were going to use! hahahahahah

Samantha said...

We have to get these four together. And not just so I can graciously accept hand-me-downs. Think of the photos!