Saturday, April 21, 2012


The boys have started their first season of baseball.  Gary is helping to coach.  I am really enjoying the games!  More so than soccer...but not sure why.  I love soccer, but when all the boys are in a huddle, it's hard for me to see who is doing what.  I usually feel like I'm just watching a huddle of feet run around a soccer field. 

With baseball - I get to see each boy do (or not do ) his thing!  Plus....I have always, always been a sucker for a boy in a backwards baseball hat!

 Austin, looking, precious to me, in his catcher equipment!

 Austin rght.  Logan, left.

 Logan, ready to bat.
He is intense!
He might play a little on the bench, but for the most part he is "in" the game at all times!

 Logan - nice swing!

 Austin on first, ready for his brother to hit him to second!

Logan on base after a great hit! 

 Logan: catching.
His favorite position - he says!

 I don't know what Logan is doing, but his facial expression is very cute!

 My favoite pic!

 Austin is Number 9.  Do you see this? 
Do you see how HE is trying to take over the coach's Post-game summation!?!
And, Yes, that IS a finger he is pointing/shaking at the coach.
Lawd - I swear, this child is meant for leadership! 

But, maybe not baseball.
This was how he played outfield.

This was not in between hitters.  During all of the pics, there was a batter swinging at the ball.

Like I said, I am very well entertained during the games!


Kjbikakis said...

The boys look like they really enjoy baseball!! Hope they have a great season!! (:
God Bless <3

Tracey said...

Can't wait to come out to a game. Austin is too funny!