Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Best!

Despite ALL the outfits gone wrong,
these boys do appreciate looking good!

 (Love, love their hand holding!)

 They just couldn't resist ONE pre-church bounce on the trampoline!

 Yes.  Yes, they did keep their hats, ties and vests on for the WHOLE morning!

After church, we headed over to Nonnie's
Where the Easter Bunny had left lots of eggs!



 Lory and Mason!

(Mason, Lory, Mitch, Patsy, Nonnie, Gary, Me, Austin and Logan)

We missed you, Evan and Amanda.

We had a wonderful Easter Day and sure hope you all did, too!!


Kjbikakis said...

The boy's look so cute in their church outfits!!! Looks like everyone had a great Easter!!
Happy Easter (:

Hannah said...

They stayed dressed?? Who are these imposters and what have you done with the boys??

Oh, wait. I just found the boys...they are covered in mud down below :)

Bobbi said...

I could eat those two up in those outfits!! Love the hand holding too.

Hey, those two clean up well!!! :)

You have a gorgeous, and very special family

Tracey said...

Love how they kept the hats on even for the jumping! Too funny.

Greta Jo said...

Too Cute!