Friday, April 29, 2011

Dirt Cake!

The boys are always handy in the kitchen.

This day, they pitched in to make their very own dirt cake for their preschool birthday party!
 Lining the cups with dirt and worms!

Clean-up's always a CHORE!

Precious Pose!

Dirt cake!!

Logan during the singing of Happy Birthday and that's "their" girlfriend, Anna!
Logan never looked up and seemed so serious and quietly proudful during the whole song!
I think Anna was concerned that he wasn't happy!

And Austin was happy and bashful!  

 It was Austin's day to lead the class in the Pledge of Allegiance!

 They. Look. So. BIG!

Sweet, sweet (and cah-razy) boys!
This was actually Thursday, the day before their birthday, 
but Nonnie and I still took the boys to Chucky Cheese for a pre-big day celebration.


Samantha and Woody said...

Happy Birthday to the giants Logan and Austin!

Kjbikakis said...

Awh they look so cute! (:
They're getting so big!! Gosh slow down boys! hehe
Hope they had a wonderful and fantastic birthday!!
Happy Birthday Logan and Austin!
From a set of twins with the same birthday (:,
-Kirstie and Demetri

Tracey said...

They do look so BIG and so awesome in those Birthday shirts...what seriousness over the cake tho...just taking it all in like he does that Logan! Love those silly silly birthday boys!

Anne said...

Happy Birthday to Austin and Logan!

Bobbi said...

ha!! ChuckeCheese........Reese begs to go there!!!

Looks like they are taking after their Daddy with the culinary skills!!