Friday, April 29, 2011

The Dreaded Call!

During Spring Break, my friend Tracey and I pulled the boys together to share a sitter for one day while we carpooled to work.  This was the first time that this sitter had all four boys.
 (Austin, Zak, Logan and Van right after silly stringing the monster at Van's birthday party)
(The monster is Van's dad in a cardboard constructed suit!)

Back to the spring break week, about 20-30 minutes earlier than I expected, Tracey called my cell phone.   I started packing things up assuming she was on the way.  But the way she say, "Have you talked to Erin?"  immediately had my Mom-hunches up, and I responded with, "No, why? who's hurt?  What's happened?" 

Thankfully, Tracey pretty calmly said, "Van hit Logan in the head with a rock.  Apparently there's lots of blood.  And she's called the ambulance.  I'm on my way to get you now."




I packed up my stuff even more quickly, thankfully Tracey stayed on the phone with me, and I ran out the office to wait for her.  Tracey and I do a stellar job as co-mommies.  She totally gets me, and together she and I "talked" through the possibilities of it probably just being a "10" on the accident scale of 100.  Head injuries bleed so much.  I was too afraid to talk directly to Erin (and hear Logan), but there had been no mention of him being unconscious or throwing up.   My kids are at the stage where any sight of blood sends them into fits - they think they are going to die.  So, right away, I knew Erin had her hands full with 4 boys, and at least one, if not more of them, screaming their heads off.  Believe me, there are many days I want to call 911 myself! 

While talking to Tracey, it suddenly donned on me that if Logan did require medical attention, 
they might just be rushing him off in the ambulance
....without his brother or his friends
....and without his Mommy.  

And that thought KILLED me!  

I begged Tracey to call Erin back and if there was any possible way (bar life threatening situation) to have the ambulance wait for me.  Ultimately, I knew I would have to trust the paramedics to make the right call, but if there was anyway possible, I wanted to avoid a trauma that would surely put Logan in therapy until at least highschool!  

Despite her incredible Mario'esque driving skills, Tracey couldn't get to my office fast enough.  But she did arrive and riding together was great - I don't think I could have made that drive by myself, without freaking out.  She broke every speed record there was and got us home in 18 minutes from the time she called my phone - normally it's at least a 30 minute commute!

On the way, I did manage one phone with the parametics, who had to confirm a parent was on the way.
 He said, Logan might need some stitches, but it wasn't worse than that.
Once we arrived, the parametics and the sitter met us at the front door. 
And I think 3 out of the 4 boys.  
Not seeing Logan in traction on a gourney did wonders for my state of mind.  
And the fact that they were at the front door and not tending to his bedside helped too.  
The babysitter's eyes were about to pop out of head, she looked so stressed!  
I immediately hugged her and told her she did a fantastic job and made the right call.  

I then spent way too long filling out forms denying the need for a ride in a vehicle with blazing lights and a blaring horn.   

I still have major Mommy guilt for not rushing to Logan right away.   
He was sitting on the couch in Tracey's living room and didn't say a word as I made my way to him.  
He just cuddled up into me with a sad face.  
I truly can't believe that was NOT the FIRST thing I did upon arriving!
I should also mention that I constantly say, "We might need to call the ambulance" when they get hurt.
My children seriously have no fear and no concept of mortality with all of their death defying stunts - so I do try and implement a little bit of fear in them.  
Therefore, when Logan heard that an ambulance was coming, his screaming quadrupled!  

Later that night, Tracey and I compared stories and learned that a policeman had responded to the call as well.  Now, if you're Van at this point - who is one of the MOST empathetic children I know! - and feeling horrible about the accident as well as thinking you're in trouble - having the police show up does not do wonders for your physche!  

In the end, Logan did not even need stitches.  
He did have a little bump and a good little cut - right at the back and top part of his head.  
His outfit had a good amount of blood on it..and Erinn also had some on her.   

Austin and Zak cannot get enough mileage out of this story!  

And Van and Logan just sort of walk out the room when the topic comes up.  
For the most part, none of the children seem to have any residual scarring for this emotional event. 
And for the record, sweet Van threw the rock UP, UP in the air and it came down, down on Logan's head.
Had my guys been the culprit, it would have been a direct aim and hit!
Amazingly, the sitter even says she'll come back, if we'll have her! 
And we will - we all agree that she did an incredible job in a very scarey situation!

And on the bright side, Tracey and I now have a GREAT real-life story to remind the 4 boys of 
- whenever they are attempting to do something dangerous! 
{insert sigh of relief}

First 911 call survived! 


Anne said...

Oh my! So glad Logan was okay. I hate head wounds because they bleed so much.

Thank God Tracey was driving you that day. I can't imagine how you held it together - I would have been freaking out.

That picture is adorable. I love all the gauze.

Helene said...

Oh. My. God. My heart was in my throat the entire time reading this. I can only imagine how scared you must have been!!!

Thank goodness he's okay, scary times for sure!!!!!

Bobbi said...

ok, first off, sorry that he got hurt, and glad he is ok!!

But, frankly, I can't believe it's the FIRST 911 call. C'mon, seriously, your kids!?!? Glad it worked out well, and I will be calling Tracy next time I need a ride in an emergency!!

Tracey said...

Oh you did such a good job documenting our fretful day!! That photo is too adorable and the fact that he was still donning his Superhero costume just says it all about Logan and all these boys and their Superhero survival skills. Let's hope they can stay 911 free from now on. Way to tell it you and those adorable almost 5 year olds!!

Hannah said...

I am so glad Logan was ok. That is just scary!! I'm glad you are ok too :)