Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When you have nothing good to say....

...say nothing at all.  Right?   
Was that a whole week that just went by without me posting?

Take "funk" put "me" in it and that's where I've been. 
Too much going on? 
Evan graduating? 
Twins a mile a minute? 
Money woes? 
blah blah blah

I have been missing my brother like CRAZY! 
Isn't grief random like that? 

Ok - see?
Better to say nothing at all..

And I'm missing God.
Which is probably why I'm in a funk.

However, these guys are not in a funk

That's cuz they just got $14 ice cream bars off of the Extortion...I mean, Ice Cream Truck.

And if you'll notice on the sidebar, my posts from 2006 have grown. 
I went back and updated the beginning of our adoption. 
There's some cute stuff back there.

I'm going to try and go get out of my funk.
Love ya all!


Tracey said...

What can we do to help "defunk" you!! A little romping and rolling on Friday will help!! Those are some awesome ice cream bars and worth every cent we don't have to spend on them to see that glee! Love ya...hang in there...sunny days ahead...summertime is here!!

Helene said...

Kids are awesome like that...I can be in the deepest, darkest place and seeing them smile and so happy over something as simple as an ice cream bar can drag me out of that hole!!

I'll have to go back and read those old posts someday when I have some time. It may not be for another 10 years or so but you'll still be blogging, won't you? We both need to for our sanity!!!!

Bobbi said...

I am going to go and read those posts!! I have missed you. SOrry you are missing your brother. The stages of mourning take time. Be sure you are allowing yourself that. Though, it's tough to do with busy little ones!! Hugs to you and family.

SOOOOOOOO, with those golden popsicles, does that mean we are pottying!??!!?

ManyBlessings said...

Hey you! (((HUGS))) Check out the video on my FB page. That will put a smile on your face! :) LOVE YOU!!

Laurie said...

Hope you come out of your funk soon. I can truly relate! I LOVED you calling the ice cream truck the extortion truck! That and those stinkin commercials on Nick Jr.! Cost me a fortune!

Hannah said...

I'm sending hugs to you. I have been in such a funk for the past few weeks. I feel like I am just coming out of it.

I Love ya!! Know I'm praying for you :)