Monday, May 3, 2010

Birthday - in review

Austin and Logan had a fantastic birthday!
(despite my obvious turmoil at being a mommy to 4 year olds!)

They started of the day going to my bff, Anne's house.  She and Eli took the boys out shopping for their present - their first fishies!
 Austin named his fishy, Fluffly.   ;-)
And Logan named his, Curious George.  ;-)

Next, it was off to their 2nd season of gymnastics (Nonnie's bday present)! 
Reunited with Bryan (one day older fellow Guatemalan adoptee).
They've been "out" of gymnastics for 1.5 years, but you would never know it!

After that, back home to open "special" presents:

Their basketball uniforms - as requested, in Evan's high school team colors
and in High School Mucial colors!

Finally - off to Chuck E. Cheese!
Logan chose Spiderman themed cupcakes.
Austin chose Batman!

On Friday, we celebrated at their school.

Yes!  Still wearing their uniforms! 

Per Austin and Logan's request - orange push up pops were served! 


Tracey said...

Once again this year, Austin and Logan's birthday brings me to tears as a mommy...such sweet boys. Watching them get so darn big so darn is it possible our babies are boys. We love you all!!

Nonnie said...

Precious post - you did a great job. Love the two-year-old Austin & Logan watching their video - where has the time gone??

Helene said...

Aw, darn it, Donna...that video has me all teary-eyed!! First of all, I just love that song. I use it in every single one of my OTM videos!!

And them repeating Happy birhtday Austin and Logan cracked me up! They are just so adorable!

Happy 4th birthday little buddies!!!

Bobbi said...

I needed tissues after that video!! How they have grown up. I love their birthday tree. What a great idea!!
Reese would have LOVED this party. All his favortie characters and Chuck E Cheese. He is DYING to go there!! Oh, them together...can you even imagine??

OK, boys, you can't turn FIVE!! We can't take it!!

Hannah said...

They were so cute singing!! I loved seeing their birthday cute!!

Happy Birthday to TWO wild and CrAzY guys!!

Steph said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AUSTIN and LOGAN!!!!! How on earth are you FOUR already???? Please stop growing up so fast!!