Saturday, February 13, 2010

My valentine...

Over there on the right, on my little profile thing, I state that I am married to my hero.  And then, I mostly pick on him on my blog!  

And while I don't "worship" my husband...;-)....he is most certainly, my hero.  Gary is. Superman.

He works like 100 hours a week, never sleeps, cooks, does the laundry, repairs any and everything in the house, magically finds money when I come up short for bills (I blame "lack of time" to truly concentrate on our household bank account!), he lets me keep my 50 year old dog (sans bodily control) alive when he could put up a really argument otherwise. 

I have always been the Emotion, the Relationship Controller, the Feelings person in our family.  At the end of the day, I can tell you the conversations I've had, the time spent with Austin and Logan, the plans for get togethers, etc.....but in the end it is Gary who makes it all happen.  He prepares the house, the food, the everything.  He's the MANpower in my woMAN!  

These last two have carried my family through the unimagineable.  Through the worst days of our lives.  I say this with all honesty, because you have taken over my spot as Mom's (a.k.a. Nonnie's) favorite child.  What you have done for her, for me, for our family....put simply, is nothing short of amazing.   You were everywhere, doing everything.  You only had to overhear a concern, a need - and you jumped to it before we could even finish vocalizing what we needed.   Other issues, concerns - once we got around to thinking about them - you had already solved. ARE. my HERO and I LOVE YOU! 

I know this rat race called life is crazy.  I know it feels like many times we are two steps behind where we're trying to get to.  But there is nobody I would want to run around in circles with...more than YOU.   ;-) 

I couldn't find a Hallmark card that said all of this (okay, I didn't look), and I thought it would be nice for you to have documentation and proof that I adore you....cuz, well you know....I'm sure in my next post I'll be busting on ya again! 

Happy Valentine's Day, my love!  


Bobbi said...

Now, that is a beautiful post to your amazing husband. You are truly blessed, and I am sure he would say the same. You, the boys, and Nonnie are very lucky!!

I am remembering last year at this time we were celebrating with you!!! We sure are missing you

Hannah said...

What a wonderful post. You are a blessed woman to have such an amazing husband...but really you deserve no less :)

Anne said...

Great post about a great man! That was WAY better than a Hallmark card :)

Anonymous said...

You are the sweetest. Sounds to me like he's pretty lucky to be married to you too.

He sounds like an awesome guy, wish my hubby did half of that.