Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today's the day!!!!

Today, Logan's life time dream COMES true!

Have I mentioned that the boy is obsessed, OBSESSED with baksetball?

Logan lives, breathes, eats, sleeps basketball.

Every day, all day long our conversations go like this:
Me: "Good Morning, boys - guess what we're doing today?"
Logan: (always excitedly and with hope) "Going to a basketball game?"
Me: "um. no.  Going to school."
Logan: (still with hope and exictement) "...and then, go to a basketball game?"

And when I pick them up from school:
Me: "Okay, lets go play."
Logan: "To a basketball game, Mommy?"
Me: "No, baby.  To go see Van."
Logan; "And then go to a basketball game, Mommy?"

In the house, he dribbles a ball ALL day long!  He shoots at my curtains, my kitchen door, closet door.  When we take the ball away, he dribbles air.  And shoot the imaginary ball and the imaginary hoop

He watches basketball on tv.  by himself.  And cheers on his favorite players/teams.  Michael Jordan/Xaiver and some others.

And of course, he only allows baskeball clothes to adorn his body! 

He thinks Evan go off to school every day to play basketball, just likke in High School Musical.  ;-)

His very first word (in Guatemala) was "tota" - as in "pelota" = ball.

This past year, as he has watched the neighbor boys head off to their first soccer/baseball/football games, he has bee-lined into the house jumping up and down, "Mom, now can I go to my first basketball game?"

I looked high and lo for a team for my baby to play on.  All of them required the kids to be 4 years old to start.   I tried getting Logan to play another sport just to appease his love of the ball. No go.  "Okay, Mom - I'll play soccer, but THEN I'll go to my basketball game, right?"

And the boy s'got skill!  He amazes everyone with his shot - he can shoot a regulation size on the lowest setting of Evan's real basketball hoop.  He plays defense like no other kid I've ever seen.  He even has the basketball swagger/walk down.

Alas, thankfully, Tracey came to the rescue!!!  The YMCA on her side of town has a 3 year old basketball camp!  Not really a typical team and games, but more of a skill camp, hopefully with a game at the end of the hour.  But ohmygosh - we'll take it!

Of course, we signed up back in August and I didn't want Little Mr. Obsessed to get too wound up, but as I was filling out the form, he came up to the table.  And honed in on the basketball player clipart on the form.   

"Mom!!  Mom - that's basketball. What's that, Mom?"
"Well, honey Mommy's signing you up for basketball, but...."
"Oh Mom!!  Mommy!  You are??  For me???"
"Yes, dear, but it's not for a long time, okay?  You've got to start school first, and then have Halloween..."
"Oh Mommy, oh mommy!"  and I swear he tears up, grabs my arm that I had been writing with, wraps his whole body around it, burries his face, squeezes me with all his might and says "Thank you, Mommy!  Oh, thank you!  Thank you for signing me up for my very first basketball game."

Bless his little heart!!!   He has waited his whole life for the moment!

And today IS THE DAY!!!    I'm so excited for him! 

Here's some footage of the boys' skills:


Deb said...

Made me cry....I'm so happy for him ~ YAY!!

Bobbi said...

That boy has got some moves!!! Reese loved watching this too. Your boys amaze me with their athletic skills.

You better get some pics of that boy in his own version of Heaven!!!

Oh, and made me cry too!! But, I am a total sap

Christina said...

This totally made me cry too! Awww that is too precious!

Greta Jo said...

Tissues please! Wow, he has great talent.

ManyBlessings said...


You go Logan!!!!

Hannah said...

That is awesome! I hope loved it!! BTW..he is AMAZING :) I'll be watching for him in the NBA!!