Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh, the precious moments!

(Still working on a basketball update, but in short - it was awesssome!!)

Today, I took Austin and Logan to their preschool church to sing with the rest of their school mates.

They look handsome, don't they?

Now, get ready to laugh......

A still shot of one of my favorite moves...

Oh, these boys sure do make a Momma proud, don't they!  Yes, "one" twin certainly was behaving himself and doing an outstanding job singing.  And the "other" twin, well, maybe he wants to be a comedian!  ;-)

Nonnie and her boys.

On a whim, Nonnie and I decided that we would each take a child for the afternoon (okay, in typical Donna-style, I threw it on her last minute, but she went with it really well!).

Austin went over to Nonnie's, had lunch, went the mall and road the train!  Played in a toy store, and coerced Nonnie into buying him noodles at his favorite
Japanese fast food spot.

Logan came home with me.  We played some one-on-one soccer, then went next door to play with our friends before heading out to another friend's soccer game.  Logan kept asking for Austin, where was he?  when was he coming home?  And if he could talk to him on the phone. 

Austin did not ask about Logan. And didn't really talk on the phone to him until Nonnie "made" him. 

On the soccer field, the boys were reunited!  Logan came running towards Austin all excited to see him again.  Upon seeing his brother race toward him with brotherly love, Austin looked up at me, scowled his face, and demanded:  "Did you bring MY soccer outfit, too Mom!!?"  
Uh, nope....
Logan approaches for the embrace,....
and Austin diss's him 100%
....because he's mad at me for not bringing him a soccer uniform to wear.

Love the frickin 3's!  They. are. a. BLAST!



Bobbi said...

Krista was looking with me, and COULD NOT believe how big they have gotten. She says hi!!

OK, so I enjoyed the concert video. Thinking maybe next time they should separate.......

I think the one-on-one time was great. Poor Logan!! It will be intersting to see if you switch it up if he still asks for his brother, or if it was just being home!

Steph said...

How cute! I was laughing even before it was just my warm-up.:) I love the adorable cuffed jeans!

Yep, I have heard about these infamous "three's." I think they have already started at our house. Yikes. We never know which Eli we are going to get from one moment to the next!

Tracey said...

Love it! The singing, the brotherly love or lack thereof and of course those adorable outfits! Way to rock a Sunday mama!! Can hardly wait for BBall Wednesday.

Cheryl Lage said...

Ain't twin "affection" grand?!?

LOVE this, and your handsome, handsome, sassy boys. :)