Monday, November 16, 2009

Cuteness! (2008)

And another one from last year - I think this was when my computer was sick and I just couldn't post anything!
This is at Daddy's restaurant, probably on a Sunday after church. SO dang little!

um, singing? yelling? Probably cheering: "Go, team, go, go, go" - I can't believe how much that was their mantra for a whole year!

Daddy's coming! And look at the bruise on Austin. I don't remember how he got it, but I remember Logan had a matching one. They are still getting "mirror" injuries. One will fall and randomly hurt his hand and within 2-3 days the other one will have a separate fall/injury and end up with a similar brusie. Coincidence, but very weird just how often it happens!


Bobbi said...

ok, this makes me sad!! They have grown so much this year. Totally look like big boys now!!! how they change. But, they are still just as precious.

BTW: They are cute now, but I totally like the Mommy influence on them:>)

Tracey said...

Oh so is amazing how much bigger they seem now huh? Love the outfits...if only we still had that fashion influence...

Helene said...

Awwww, they looked so handsome!! I love how their outfits are coordinated perfectly but the shirts are just different colors!!