Thursday, July 2, 2009


Three days a week, we wake up, get in the car and drive over to our favorite, favorite person's in the world house! That would be Van. They play together while the Mommies go to work.

Every time they see each other they run full steam ahead and hug or knock each other down and end up in a big ole' pig pile! Departing is just as enthusiastic - because who knows how long it will be before they're next reunion. Lots of love between these boys!

One morning in the car, Logan says "Mumma, I got an idea." What's that, baby?

Logan: "How about this? Lets do this, Momma. First, we'll go to Van's house. Then, Van will get in our car. Next, we go to BuschGardens (Big Amusement/Theme park) and after that, then we'll go the Chucky Cheese. Is that a good idea, Mommy?"

Yep - yes, that sounds like your perfect, perfect day, baby!

I worked really late one night and when I came home Austin and Logan had lots and lots of love for me.

When I got on the computer, Austin sat up in my lap. Kissed on me. Played with my hair. Loved all over my face. He even laid down in my arms like a little baby and continued to kiss and play and love on me. I was rubbing him, lovin' him and kissin him and he finally said, Momma
this is amazing.

My response: "This is amazing? What's amazing, baby?"
My sweetheart clarifies, "Being here, in your arms...."

Be still, mah heart!


One morning, Austin and Logan said they wanted to take their "baby bears" (stuffed animals/bears that play the role of baby) with them in the car.

You know what it's like leaving the house for the day, bags, backpacks, purses, snacks, sippy cups, etc.

So, when they came down the stairs with two baby bears each, I intercepted (as I envisioned carrying everything back in later) and said, "Whoa, whoa whoa, that's a lot of teddy bears, boys. How about we just take one each. Why are you taking two?"

Logan looked straight at me as if to say "Duh! Mom", with little brows furrowed, and stated the obvious, "Two babies, Mom. They're twins."

Simple reward charts!?! These little things have recently been like hitting pay dirt in our household!

Get a sticker in each box and "Win the prize!"
After co-sleeping for their first year home, we had "successfully" gotten them into their own rooms, but 6 out of 7 nights a week, we were getting up with them 2-3 times a night just to put them back in bed or just to give them a kiss or whatever. They just never seemed to sleep through the night.
Finally, these little reward charts did the trick. They have been sleeping in their beds ALL NIGHT long for like three weeks now! Yahoo!! We also ended up moving their twin beds together, since they were always sharing one bed anyway. so, now they have a ginormous King size bed - which is what we could have used in the first place while co-sleeping in a queen! hahaha

Upon seeing their King bed for the very first time after we had told them they were getting a big bed like Mom and Dad and like big brother Evan, they jumped up and down in excitement, laid on the bed. And then said,

"Okay, Mommy, you lay here, Daddy lay here and where's Evan? He will sleep in here too."

They had misunderstood our explanation and were really, really excited about a big bed, big enough for everyone to sleep on. ;-(

They earned their scooters on a Sunday morning and were so excited, they had to ride them just a leetle bit before church!


And almost, almost at 3 years and 2 months of age, Austin and Logan are 90.5 % potty trained. And Gary keeps wondering why his plants are all turning yellow. ;-) Gotta love boys, summertime and the ease of porta-pottying!


What else have we been up to this summer?
Lots and lot of it - dirt, that is! Who knew 3 year olds could get so stinky, smelly, sweaty!

Austin and Logan put in day after day after day, of a good day's work of hard core sweat and play!


Bobbi said...

Loved this update!! The bear story was the best. You missed that one, Mom.

They sound so fun, exhausting, I am sure, but fun too!!

Hannah said...

love it! They really say the cutest things! I love the "thus is amazing"...that would melt any mommy heart!

Tina said...

Those boys are just too adorable for words!

Heidi said...

I loved reading about all the cute funny things they do! What sweet boys.

Beth said...

Wonderful, wonderful stories. Thank you!

Tracey said...

You packed it all into one adorable post...way to go Mom! They are having a summer of fun aren't they?? Love it, love them, love you!!

Cheryl Lage said...

They're the cutest, and do I ever love the shot of them with their "triplet" brother! :)


Anne said...

Love this update. How sweet those conversations with 3 year olds are. And the dirty pictures are so cute!

Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. They really mean a lot to me. Of course, she hasn't said anything else since then. And yes we are just up the road (I95) in Pennsylvania. I'd love to meet up one day. My email is deguatmom at comcast dot net.

ManyBlessings said...

Sweet, sweet boys! :) Love those dirty little faces. :)