Saturday, July 18, 2009


We finally made it to the movies!! (Remember last summer's attempt lasted 5 seconds into the previews before we went screaming and yelling out of the theatre!?)

This year's attempt didn't start off well - I didn't think they were actually going to enter the dark scary place. But the arrival of Van gave them safety in numbers!!

That's a really BIG TV, Mom!!

Thankfully, no surround sound to scare the ba-jeebies out of them. They did great! Their first movie experience was "Horton Here's a Who." Or at least the first 1 hour of it! But we're giving them credit for the whole thing!

Now, for your viewing pleasure, here is The Anatomy of a Group shot:

Step 1: Yell, "Okay, group hug! Get together, boys!"

Step 2: Get the boys to stay in the photo shooting area by gently pushing, er, urging them to stay put.

Step 3: When you see what's about to happen say, "Too much hugging, gentle, gentle...."

Step 4: Laugh hysterically when it happens anyway....

Step 5: Give the Mommies what they want...

All three boys looking at the camera....and smiling...and no, that's not a choke hold!

Thanks Van and Tracey for another great, fun day!!


Tracey said...

Awesome, awesome...LOVE the sequence and our dialogue...completely accurate! More movies, more fun to come twins...let's play on Friday!!

Heidi said...

They are so cute! Glad you made through almost a whole movie! I love their soccer jerseys. Where did you get them?

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Love the soccer jerseys.

I'm going to download all 353 pictures tonight from our beach week and I'll send you the ones from your visit. Or I may sit on my couch in the quiet and send them to you tomorrow.

So great to meet you guys and Nonnie. I wish we had had more time together. Can't wait to see you again!!

Hannah said...

Those three are adorable together...and look like they would get into lots of trouble together too :)

Michelle Riggs said...

Sweet pictures and stories. I love their jerseys.

Thank you so much for praying for Abby.

Bobbi said...

YEAH!!! Great job, boys!! Hope you enjoyed it.

Not sure who is who here, but we have one of those Guat soccer shirts too. It is a favorite