Wednesday, June 17, 2009

3 year old stats

We finally had the boys' 3 year check-up. And due to a last minute scheduling conflict, I was going solo! No small feat!

So, I need to give a HUGE shout out to my blogging friend, Lisa and her daughter Sophia (my future daughter-in-law) who had given the boys some surprise gifts awhile back: Race cars that were also games! The boys had not played with them (because like a true blogger, I wanted to snap pictures and document the whole event for blogging purposes, but surprise, surprise that didn't happen and it turned out to be a HUGE blessing in disguise because...) WooHoo - the cars were a BIG hit keeping the boys occupied. HUGE! Thank you, thank you, thank you Lisa and Sophia!

And my big boys did amazingly well. Where they used to scream and cry on the scale, getting touched, having anyone (doctor/nurse) walk in the office netting high pitched screaming (I think all the adoption related trips to the embassy doctor and then home to the adoption specialist and the lab for blood work and then the "catch-up" shots all in a manner of two months was just too, too much for them and left a lasting impression) - this year they were cheerful, helpful and eager. We also had bought a doctor's kit and played doctor right before the last 3 doc visits - so I think the fear is gone for the most part.

Anyway, they charmed and performed like their usual little selfs. The doctor was once again blown away by their speech - usage of big words, proper pronouns, big sentences, etc.

And we finally made it out of the 35% range! Can I get a whoop, whoop!?!

Logan: 30.5 lbs and 37 inches tall (40%)
Austin: 31.5 lbs and 37.5 inches tall (50%)

I think it's hysterical that this one pound, 1/2 inch thing has been consistent for three years now! Every update we ever got from Guatemala reported the same thing - Austin heavier by one pound and taller by 1/2 inch. Wonder if that will always be?

So - overall, good clean bill of health. No problems, no concerns. Oh - and no pictures!

Atta boys!

Ugh!.....I was gonna end the post there, but I wouldn't be doing justice to their online scrapbook if I didn't document the "lab/shot" portion of the visit. I just feel that the whole me getting overrun and butt kicked by the twin thing has been so overdone on my blog, but it is what it is! lol

To his credit, Gary did say he would bring the boys back for shots so I wouldn't have to go it alone on top of an hour long visit, but things were going so well....I just thought we could handle it!

In true doctor's office style, there was like 5 hours down time between the doctor and the calling out of our names for shots. Yes, it could have been shorter, but my Lord, not by much! And at this point, my boys aint no dummies! They KNOW what's going on. So those five hours were "No Mom - lets go. We don't want shots." But alas, it was our time and (for some reason) Austin always goes first.

I walk into the lab room with Austin, thinking fear of being left alone would be enough to motivate Logan to follow. Not. But he does stay outside the room, on a bench coincidentally sitting next to a Mom and Dad each holding a very quiet 18 month girl twin in their lap who were each eyeing me and my solo-ness with a bit of awe...even after I assured them it could not have been done at their girls' age. Anyway, I deducted that Logan would be semi-safe out there.

Austin's first poke was a finger poke. Yep, I hated those too, Austin!! So, go right ahead and cry little buddy. Logan now hears Austin in trouble and decides to conquer his fear of shots and come in to support his bro.

"Is that blood, Mommy?" Yes, dear.
Austin's blood?" Right again, dear.

Finger poke/blood draw done.

I cringe, here comes the arm shot. Austin is on my lap, we've played doctor's enough that he doesn't even tense when she cleans his arm and brings out the needle - and then, I felt it in every part of his body and what gets me the most is his cry is so "Oh my goodness, why? Why would somebody hurt me like that?" Oh - it just breaks my heart!

Logan stuck around long enough to continue supporting Austin, but at those two little worlds, "All done", that boy (realizing what comes next, his turn) grew wings and flew out of that room faster than a rocket ship taking off for outer space!

At this point, I was pretty exhausted and still comforting Austin and just figured sooner or later somebody would catch him and bring him back to us. And they did. Apparently on one of his turns around a corner our very own, Dr. Lara (a twin Mommy herself) scooped him up and brought him right back around to the lab!

Of course, he only made it to the couch. And there he sat, behind the wall, very quietly, very still and willing himself to be invincible!

Austin and I were still in the lab room (he was getting his much deserved stickers) so I tried to get Austin to entice his brother to come back in.

"LOGAN? Logan, come in here!"
The nurse, speaking to Logan - "Your brother wants you."
"Your brother, he's calling you."

Nurse: "See?"

Logan gets down off the couch, comes to the doorway.
"Austin?......You calling me?"
...little pause, then still from the doorway,

My boy aint no fool! So, I looked at the nurse and said, can we do this the kickin' and screaming way?


No fun. For Momma or for Momma's baby.

Austin stood by. That helped me, at least.

And then - it was all over. Everybody had stickers and tear streaked faces. But they had earned back all their lost privileges from a bad visit to Nonnie's church. Their basketballs, their scooters and their bikes! And we even got milkshakes on the way home!

Sh-woo! So glad that's only an annual thing!


Bobbi said...

Hey, Grandma!!!:>) You had me on that post.

Oh, those poor boys. And, so sorry mom. Gary, you are just batting a thousand lately!!:>) Why are shots so awful?? I can't even imagine having to do it twice. OH, and you can never overdo the "they kick my butt" I can't even imagine it!!

Kisses and hugs to you big, brave boys.

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Poor boys : ( I bet a sucker and a sticker made them feel better. So glad they are in the 40th and 50th percentile - wooooohooooo!!!!

Heidi said...

Oh man! I'm glad you documented it, I love reading all about your adventures with the boys, it is always so exciting!

Anonymous said...

I just realized I haven't checked your blog in a few weeks. And so much happened. Your new grandpup is handsome! And the power outage story is a keeper. You are so right to document all these stories for Austin and Logan.

Awww poor boys and mommy! Shots hurt so much I wish they would put some cream on their arms so they wouldn't feel the needle.

Beth said...

You rock!

Gosh, I read this just as if you were standing in my kitchen telling it to me... I could hear your voice!

I take Lucy for her 2 year today. I feel a little shakey after reading this, but I think a trip to the toy store this morning is in order!

Hugs to you and to those brave boys! Shots stink. Milkshakes do make everything better, don't they???