Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pre-Easter Church Festivities

Here come the studs....

Ready to take on the Easter festivities!

Saturday was our church's annual Easter Egg Hunt and Partee! And Van joined us for all of the fun!

Preparing for egg dying with accompanying super outfit protectors....(don't they all look super handsome!).
We do what?
Okay! My turn! I go first!

The bunny's here!!!

It's a very happy bunny this time!

Emptying their eggs and sampling some of the loot!

hmph - sort of looks like Austin might have swiped a piece from Logan, judging from that sidewards glare! lol


Tracey said...

Too much fun for the handsome bunch! I want your new blog design...sign me up! Friday plans await...cannot wait!!

Bobbi said...

Love the new design, and that pic of them in the hats!! Looks like pre-Easter fun was had, and some candy snatching may have taken place.

I have to share w/you that out of the blue this am Krista asked if we would ever see Austin and Logan again. She got quite sad, and said how much she missed them!!!