Saturday, April 4, 2009

Filthy Mess!

Backyardigans is a FAVORITE show in our house! One particular episode they enjoy is one called Filthville - about a village where mud is the standard and baths are not allowed.

When our foot of snow melted literally overnight, that created, to say the least, excess water in our backyard. I naively did not realize just how much. I let Austin and Logan out in the backyard to play. Mom and I were inside workin' on a project and we kept hearing peels of laughter. When we checked on them, this is what we got:

I didn't get the whole thing on videotape, but they told me they were playing in Filthville. The sand box had accumalated quite a large amount of water and they had been jumping and splashing in it. They had even slung mud on the shed...just like in Filthville! They were soppping wet from head to toe, covered in a mixture of wet sand and muddy water. I let them play for a few more minutes (I mean the damage had already been done at this point and they were having a blast!) and then we made them strip down outside and brought them in for baths.

Fun times as always!!


Bobbi said...

OK, I love these boys more and more each time I hear a story!! Girl, you are going to be gray before your time!!

I love the choke hold in the pics...

Steph said...

Ahhh, yes. I am familiar with that episode! A & L did an excellent job re-enacting it! hehehehehe

Greta Jo said...

Too Funny! Donna- we will be in area on Saturday, April 25 most of the day. email me at I would love to meet-