Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter (Final)

Alright - one last Easter post will catch me up.

This is Easter day. Started out right with Happy Anniversary flowers (picked from our yard) from my hubby! Thanks, dear!

New tradition started? It seems that the Easter Bunny is now leaving baskets under the beds. Who knew?

Austin found his (and then Mommy had to charge her battery super quick! D'oh!)
Checking out the baskets - in the hallway of course! (On a side note: We always start Austin off in Pajamas at night, but then we find him in just his diaper by morning!)

Then, Logan asked Daddy if they could "have a picnic in the tunnel (our bedspread) with him and their baskets! Logan is hugging his jelly beans, really the only thing the bunny brings according to Austin and Logan.
Our four handsome boys!
And one beautiful little lady, Mason's girrrrrlfriend, and my only "daughter"!

Our pretty cross!

I mean, it just wouldn't be Austin and Logan if we didn't stop off and climb and jump and run in the church steps!

After church, we went to Nonnie's and had a great BBQ luncheon. The Easter Bunny had been by and hid a bunch of eggs and brought baskets for everybody. And after lunch, we all fell asleep! Of course!
It was a wonderful relaxing beautiful day!


Bobbi said...

CUTE!!! You have such a beautiful family. And, Happy Anniversary to you guys. Very romantic!!

The Easter Bunny visits our Nannie too